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Persona 4 Golden PS2 Opening Movie Mod
« on: December 21, 2019, 08:55:28 PM »
Can't believe no one made this mod before.
The PS2 opening movie exists in the game files under the name "P4CTOP1.MP4" and you can just decrypt that and use rePatch to direct to it when the game calls for the actual file. Of course, this will have the side effect of the P4 opening movie playing in the TV guide thingy when asked for the P4G one. I've Google'd it and found a /vg/ post about it though so I'm not the first person to come up with this.

If you don't have rePatch for some reason, install it.
Drop PCSE00120 for US release/PCSB00245 for EU release in your rePatch folder.

I haven't tested the EU release, I don't have this release but it'll %99 work since they didn't rename the files.
The JP counterpart is missing, since that release uses USM files instead of MP4 and I'm too lazy to download that release.
Oh, and no Mod Compendium install thingy since the movie file is not in the CPK.

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