Author Topic: [Release] HonRipper - extracts data from .MNH books  (Read 9222 times)

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[Release] HonRipper - extracts data from .MNH books
« on: August 01, 2020, 09:52:02 PM »
HonRipper is the plugin for PS Vita Sony Reader application (PCSC80012) that is designed to extract contents of Sony's .MNH (Marlin-Hon) book format.

This plugin can extract contents of any books bought on Reader Store. Scan resolution can vary, but it is usually quite high (eg. above 1500x2000 for manga).
There are quite a lot of rare books/manga scans on Reader Store in good quality.

To extract contents of the book:
0. Add plugin in config.txt under *PCSC80012.
(optional) 1. Create config file: ux0:book/HonRipper.ini. File should contain either 0 or 1:
  - 0 to set output path to ux0:HonRipper/%bookname%/%imagenum%.jpg.
  - 1 to set output path to uma0:HonRipper/%bookname%/%imagenum%.jpg.
  - default (if config file is not found) is 0
2. Start Reader, open book that you want to extract.
3. Go through all book to dump all pages.
4. Close book or application. Your dump is finished.

Some notes:
  - Avoid using official Sony memory cards as output location as IO load is quite high during dumping and can reduce memory card lifespan.
  - Plugin will slow down Reader, so if you are going to use it normally disable plugin before that.

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Re: [Release] HonRipper - extracts data from .MNH books
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2020, 07:02:05 PM »
Thank you very much for this awesome plugin!

It worked great for me, here are a couple of things i noticed:

I had to create the folder "ux0:HonRipper" myself for the plugin to work

The Reader app:
The reader app only works with a Sony or Playstation Network account, you cannot use google or the other options you can choose from on the website