Author Topic: [UPDATE][FAPS] reF00d keys.bin update  (Read 35851 times)

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[UPDATE][FAPS] reF00d keys.bin update
« on: November 16, 2019, 04:03:59 AM »
The launch ref00d keys.bin had a limit of 3.69 because of an artificial range hard coded into it. 3.69+ is out of this range, so thus games with newer updates such as Hell Diver did not run.

While the keys themselves have not changed as reported by SilicaAndPina, because of the version selector built into ref00d rare updates such as these would cause incompatibilities. This list of incompatibilities will just grow, thus this posted one is raised to 3.99.

For installation, follow the readme of ref00d except replace keys.bin with the one provided here.

Thanks to OLDSKOOL978 for testing.

the French - @CelesteBlue123
the American - @dots_tb
the 【Princess of Sleeping】 - @PoSsvkey
With @juliosueiras and TheRadziu - @AluProductions

Download in the attachments.
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