Author Topic: VVNZRunner - run custom MeP code on Venezia  (Read 94 times)

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VVNZRunner - run custom MeP code on Venezia
« on: September 01, 2021, 12:08:52 AM »
VVNZRunner is kernel plugin for PS Vita that provides API to run Toshiba MeP code on Venezia. Original idea from PS Vita Henkaku wiki Venezia article.
VVNZRunner provides safe way to run MeP code on Venezia processor and functions to transfer data from and to Venezia SPRAM.

Github link:

V-Thread support

V-Threads are threads that run on Venezia cores. Up to 6 cores can run tasks simultaneously in normal mode and up to 7 in extended mode (enabled with sceCodecEngineChangeNumWorkerCoresMax()). All tasks that fall outside of limit will be automatically scheduled for execution. Note that even when running V-Thread, vnzBridgeExec() is blocking on ARM side. Refer to sample_mep for V-Thread creation procedure.


Example of userland application is in sample folder.
Example of MeP code used in the sample application is in sample_mep folder. To compile MeP code use mepsdk.
Check CMakeLists for flags used to compile MeP code for Venezia.

Usage notes

- Safe spram offset is 0x1404 bytes. Everything below belongs to Venezia context and will be reset upon execution.
- For now code memory size is limited to 0x1000 bytes.