Author Topic: [Release] reAuth - Use PlayStation Store and sign-in on 3.60-3.65  (Read 5319 times)

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Source repository

Recent server-side changes blocked access to the PlayStation Store for lower firmware version users. reAuth allows you to use the PlayStation Store and sign in to the PlayStation Network on 3.60-3.65.


Enso is required. If you are experiencing these errors on a firmware version where Enso is not available, you must downgrade.

1. Copy reAuth.skprx to your device and add its path under *KERNEL in your taiHEN config file.
2. Copy reAuth.suprx, libhttp.suprx, and libssl.suprx to ur0:/data/reAuth. Do not add these to your taiHEN config file.

Make sure you have PSN spoofing turned on in Henkaku settings, and version spoof set to 3.73.
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