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Unity for PlayStation 5, and first look at ps5 executables.


- we found the first ps5 for unity release, its

if u install the right unity version u can install and take a look at the files
extracted files:

It contains compiled SELF binaries that are NOT encrypted "clang version 10.0.0 (PS5 clang version e46d84a8 e46d84a8f26dda5456e992ff595a5a433c322b2e)"
src code, dll verisons of the cg compiler (i think?) and at9tool. some source code, and other neat things :D

- CG Compiler!

- Ps5 SELFS!

(not encrypted!)

- Trophy data files !!!

- Ps5 Codename Found!

- Some src

Found using Silica's UnityBrute (heavily upgraded by Olebeck)  and countless others who threw there network processing power into this.
(yuno's node found it i think?), and 5 terabytes of HTTP Requests :D

btw, it mentions where to find ps5 devnet, its at
still ip locked thou :-:

ye it was node 4 (my node) that found it and we left it 3 days coz we never saw it
only found it due to fixing a small bug XD


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