Author Topic: [Release] Python 2.7.18 port by Cuevavirus and SonicMastr (With Youtube-dl)  (Read 4248 times)

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Welp, this has been a highly requesting thing for years at this point. This was started around the same time we first found the piglet module months ago and put on hold for a few months, but it's finally here.

The Python 2.7 interpreter is now running and mostly functional on the PSVita.

Some small features have been stripped, but most IO functions, Networking functions, and module importing function are present, with support for Cython modules by building along with the Python 2.7 library.

This will allow devs to be able to integrate a Python interpreter in their previous or new projects with an easy to use C library, and can be easily used to create a full vita specific python module for even more advanced control over the Vita from the comfort of a python script.

Included in the repo is a simple example of a Youtube-dl (not included in the repo modules) python script to download Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up". But you may find that you can actually edit the python file within the VPK to download a video of your choice or even write your own simple Python programs. Give it a shot.

For devs, building is a simple as installing DolceSDK and running the script. Make sure you also have python 2.7.18 (Latest version) installed.

You can see the source, contribute, and get the example here:

Again, big thanks to Cuevavirus for the base that he laid out for the entire port. More to come.
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