Author Topic: [RELEASE] PLAYSTATION VITA SOURCE DEVELOPMENT KIT v3.570  (Read 10261 times)

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« on: January 07, 2021, 06:31:49 PM »
Yes, you read this right. The one and only OFFICIAL PLAYSTATION VITA SOURCE DEVELOPMENT KIT, avaliable right at your door.
Made avaliable by yours truly, the Rudy Softwares company. Due to legal reasons, we cannot host the files on this server : you can however order a physical copy.

Attached is a picture of a satisfied customer, showcasing the quality of the RudySDK.

Rudy Softwares
Our passion : Lua retardness your satisfaction ?

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Order Coupon
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2021, 06:33:07 PM »
Simply print the following order coupon and send it filled up to the indicated address :

   To order the full version of RudySDK (or any other Rudy Softwares
product) in North America, call our fulfillment center at 1-800-rudysft
(1-800-783-9738).  Except as noted by our operators, you can expect
Airborne Express afternoon delivery. The price for the full version
of RudySDK (available on PC DVDROM only) is $45, plus $5 shipping, for a
total of $50. Our fulfillment center accepts Visa, Mastercard, and
American Express. You can also fax, mail, or email your order using
the attached forms. The fax number is (317) 361-3710 and the email
address is [email protected]. To prepay and order with a check
by mail, send your check and the order form to:

      RudyPlayZ Softwares Company
      P.O. Box 4500
      Crawfordsville, IN  47933

 To see an electronic catalog of our software, tshirts, hint books, and
 other merchandise available, check out the Shopping Maul section of our
 website at

RudySDK is available worldwide as a full retail product. To find out
which local stores carry RudySDK and other Rudy products
(i.e. RudyUnity), contact the following international affiliates:

Europe                          Australia
RudySofts Vita Division         Roadshow New Media
111 Rue Réaumur                 1 902 962000
75002 Paris (France)            

Taiwan                          Singapore
U.S. Summit Corporation         Summit Co. (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
706-0660         273-9988

Malaysia                        Honk Kong
Summit Co. (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd   Tsun Tsun Trading Company
757-2244                        571-4231

Thailand                        Israel/Jordan/Lebanon/Egypt
U.S. Summit Corp. (Overseas)    Mirage Mulimedia
374-3956                        972 3 510 5764

If you are in a territory that cannot access 1(800)rudysft, and you
wish to order our products directly, you must place your order in
writing to the fax, mail, or email addresses listed above under

International phone orders will NOT be accepted. Unfortunately, due
to international shipping costs, all international orders are sent
out via US Mail. This means we cannot guarantee timeliness of delivery
due to customs and other delays inherent to international shipping

Rudy Softwares Order Center                     Date ______________
PO BOX  4500                                    Phone: 1800 rudysft
Crawfordsville, IN  47933                       Fax: (317) 361-3710
                                                [email protected]

Product List and Prices in U.S. Currency:         (check items)

RudySDK (DVD ROM only)                                          $45     ____
RudyUnity SDK  (Mac version available | must specify)           $25     ____
PhyreEngine II (Mac version available | must specify)           $40     ____   
Master Headers for Vita SDK (CD ROM only)                       $25     ____
Update PUPs (CD ROM only)                                       $40     ____
Software Developping Hint Book (CHM only)                       $15     ____
Original CBPS Tshirt (S,M.L.XL)                                 $13     ____
"I can't read docs !" Tshirt (XXL only)                         $13     ____
SO CBPS anniversary Tshirt (S,M.L.XL)                           $13     ____
Italian:Story of an illiterate (CD ROM only)                    $40     ____
Unity Developpers Hint Book (PDF only)                          $15     ____
Jayjay:Beyond Heretic (Mac version available | must specify)    $40     ____
The IDA Book (incl. guide on opening output window !)           $11     ____
RudySDK Additional Documentation (日本語版を含む)                 $15     ____

                                                      Order total:   $______

Name:                                           Age (optional):

Form of payment (check, money order, or credit card):

Credit card number:                                     Expiration Date:

Exact mailing address:  _______________________________________

Phone:                          Fax:                            Email:

Shipping: US orders-$5.00 first product/$2.00 each additional
(allow 3-5 business days)

International shipping for prepaid orders are via US Mail, and
we cannot guarantee the time it will take to arrive.

*Prices subject to change
**Some software may require a subscription to DevNuova,
the Official Vita developpers' hub. Subscription starts
at 9$ per month; including VitaGL support and constant
rants on how other developpers are dumber than you
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