Author Topic: [PSTV] How to enable native direct DS4 touchpad -> touchscreen emulation mode  (Read 1592 times)

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This explains how to enable special DS4 touchpad mode in any app or game on PSTV, officially called "DUALSHOCK®4 Touch Pad Mode: Special mode (easy flick)".
As far as I know this mode has never been used in any released PS Vita game or application.

This mode is read directly from app0: param.sfo on app boot which means we can enable it by simply using rePatch plugin.

Main differences from normal DS4 touchpad -> touchscreeen emulation:

  - DS4 touchpad area is directly mapped to Vita touchscreen area
  - There is no hand icons on screen when using touchpad
  - Fingers are recognized without the need to press DS4 touchpad

How to enable it:

0. Download and install rePatch plugin if you don't have it (
1. Grab param.sfo file for the game that you want to enable the mode for. The path is:
  - ux0:app/.../sce_sys/param.sfo for the game without patches
  - ux0:patch/.../sce_sys/param.sfo for the game with patches

2. Open param.sfo file in any hex editor and increase ATTRIBUTE2 value by 1. Example:



3. Create rePatch folder for your game and put edited param.sfo file in there: ux0:rePatch/.../sce_sys/param.sfo
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