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First look at PS5 digital content distribution system


I was able to obtain the pkg url for Share Factory Studio, a free application for PS5 available on the Playstation new webstore.

The UUID in the URL is identical on two different accounts. We can infer several things from this:

1. Digital content is distributed without authentication, same as previous platforms.
2. Application and patch distribution are merged. It is no longer possible to obtain the base version application after a patch has been released.
3. It will no longer be possible to compute the update url from the title ID, instead a random UUID is used.

The json manifest in the xml contains two split files. However they are not the same file split along 4GiB boundaries. The first file has magic {0x7F, 'F', 'I', 'H'}, previously not seen. The second file has magic {0x7F, 'C', 'N', 'T'}, same as PS4 pkgs.


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