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Project Diva F2nd EDITs (about 560 songs)
« on: September 14, 2020, 07:41:08 PM »
This is for PCSG00205. You need vita-savemgr by I believe d3m3vilurr. Make a save data on your vita using the savemgr homebrew, then copy and paste from the file I uploaded. Each slot has 80 EDIT songs. I will write a more detailed tutorial on this and customizing the EDITs so you can sync the EDITs with mp3 files later. Or I will consider sharing the synced mp3s later.

Some of my criteria for the collection are...
- As many non-Miku songs as possible.
- Edits have PVs and Notes.
- PVs, songs, and notes meet my minimum artistic standard.
(My artistic standard for this game includes moe and ecchi stuff 8), but no blatantly obscene material.)
-Notes are generally ★7 or above.

I hope you enjoy. All credits go to original producers.

*Updated on 3/01/2021.

[Tip] I do not recommend downloading songs directly from piapro in-game. It will make size of your save data bigger. The bigger the save file, the longer time it takes to load save data using vita-savemgr. Not good. So I recommend downloading the mp3 files from browser, and then transfer to vita.

[Tip] How to get and sync mp3 files? Search song title at Find what album it is from. Search the album on Download the mp3. Transfer it to vita memory card by CMA. Now in the game, crack the password of the EDIT file and adjust the timing. This is the procedure if you want to do it yourself.

I'll write about how to adjust the timing in more detail later.

How to get the passwords for the EDIT files.

We need Vitashell, decrypted save files, and a Hex to Dec number converter.

For the decrypted edit files, I'll use the save files decrypted by vita-savemgr.

We'll get the password for EDIT05. Go into that folder.

Open the SECURE.BIN file with Vitashell.

Then press Triangle button.

Then press Open hex editor.

Go to row 00000070. Note what is in the last 4 columns.
In this case, we have 36 48 EA 05.

Now we need a number converter. I use this android app for convenience.

We had 36 48 EA 05. Write those in a reverse order: 05 EA 48 36 into Hex.

Like this. What we see in the Dec is the password.
Thus the password for EDIT05 was 99239990.
Now we can open edit files in the game and customize them to our likings.

Why is it 5EA4836, but not 05EA4836? The zeroes in front do not mean anything in Hex. However double zeroes in front matter for getting the right password.

Example: We have BF F3 13 00 in the last 4 columns. We reverse order it to 00 13 F3 BF, and put those into the number convertor. Then we will get 1307583 in Dec. This password will be incorrect. The correct password is 01307583. So when we have double zeroes, they just become 0 in the password.

Synched MP3 (about 480 songs)


The timing is slightly off for some songs but they should be adjustable in the game. The MP3 files are listed in an alphabetical order in the game. Use the mp3 file names in the bottom right corner to search the right song. If you find any imperfection and would like to inform me for future update, please DM moimerc in the CBPS discord channel.

In the next update, I plan to organize the MP3 files per save slot and reupload them. I will also rename them all accordingly so the songs will be automatically redirected in the game.
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