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Full param.sfo attributes list
« on: August 17, 2020, 04:53:37 PM »
Format is: special mode(if present):BIT(S):XX:YY(Y)(if multiple bits):group name:attribute bit name:comment
Comments with * are my own, everything else is official.

      BIT:01:liblocation:null:Use liblocation in order to get location
      PRIVILEGED:BIT:03:null:NO_SUSPEND_DEACTIVATE:*Do not deactivate application when application is suspended
      PRIVILEGED:BIT:06:null:NO_FORCED_KILL:*Always warn user if application needs to be closed in order to open other application
      BIT:07:Information Bar:null:Information Bar is displayed on startup
      BIT:08:Information Bar:null:Information Bar color (white:ON, black:OFF)
      PRIVILEGED:BIT:09:Information Bar (noname):null:Use alpha blending to display Information Bar (option for Non-Game)
      BIT:10:Upgradable:null:The Application is upgradable
      PRIVILEGED:BIT:11:null:ENABLE_BGM_PROXY:*Proxy SceShell BGM to application automatically (equal to sceAppMgrSetBgmProxyApp("NPXS19999"))
      PRIVILEGED:BIT:12:null:null:The Application is set to be not-visible from "near"
      PRIVILEGED:BITS:14-13:00:null:LIVEAREA_UPDATE_MODE:*LiveArea update mode is not set
      PRIVILEGED:BITS:14-13:01:null:LIVEAREA_UPDATE_MODE:*LiveArea update mode is set to 1
      PRIVILEGED:BITS:14-13:10:null:LIVEAREA_UPDATE_MODE:*LiveArea update mode is set to 2
      PRIVILEGED:BIT:15:LiveArea™:null:Communication Zone is not displayed (option for Non-Game)
      PRIVILEGED:BIT:16:null:DISABLE_LIVEAREA_SCREENSHOT:*Disable LiveArea gate screenshot
      PRIVILEGED:BIT:17:null:MUSIC_BROWSER_EXCLUSIVE_LAUNCH:*This application replaces Music
      PRIVILEGED:BIT:18:null:PARTY_EXCLUSIVE_LAUNCH:*This application replaces Party
      PRIVILEGED:BIT:19:null:DISABLE_SYSTEM_SUSPEND:*Do not deactivate application when system is suspended
      BIT:20:null:null:The VC-MC Application supports boot from VC without MC
      BIT:21:Software manual:null:Add a health warning to the first page of software manual
      PRIVILEGED:BIT:23:cache0:null:Content of cache0: is cleared when application is killed (option for Non-Game)
      PRIVILEGED:BIT:24:libNotification:null:Use libNotification to post Notification Messages (option for Non-Game)
      BIT:25:Twitter:null:Use Tw dialog
      PRIVILEGED:BIT:26:LiveArea™:null:The Background applicaiton is not killed when LiveArea™ is peeled off
      DOLCE:BIT:27:Teleport Feature:null:The Application can be launched by Teleport feature
      DOLCE:BIT:28:Touch Pointer on PS TV:null:Disable Touch Panel Emulation by L3/R3 buttons
      DOLCE_PRIVILEGED_1:BIT:29:Resolution:null:The Application supports 720p resolution
      DOLCE_PRIVILEGED_1:BIT:30:Resolution:null:The Application supports 1080p resolution
      BITS:01-00:00:Enter Button Assignment:null:Not Specified (for SDK200 or older)
      BITS:01-00:01:Enter Button Assignment:null:Circle Button (for SDK210 or newer)
      BITS:01-00:10:Enter Button Assignment:null:Cross Button (for SDK210 or newer)
      BITS:04-02:000:Boot Mode:null:Managed by system software (selectable only under PS Vita TRC1.5 in SCEE/SCEA regions)
      BITS:04-02:100:Boot Mode:null:PS Vita:Bootable, PS TV:Bootable
      BITS:04-02:110:Boot Mode:null:PS Vita:Bootable, PS TV:Not Bootable
      PRIVILEGED:BITS:04-02:101:Boot Mode:null:PS Vita:Not Bootable, PS TV:Bootable
      DOLCE_PRIVILEGED_2:BITS:01-00:00:DUALSHOCK®4 Touch Pad Mode:null:Normal mode
      DOLCE_PRIVILEGED_2:BITS:01-00:01:DUALSHOCK®4 Touch Pad Mode:null:Special mode (easy flick)
      BITS:04-02:000:Large Memory Mode:null:The Application does not use the enlarged memory
      BITS:04-02:001:Large Memory Mode:null:The Application uses the enlarged memory (+29MiB)
      BITS:04-02:010:Large Memory Mode:null:The Application uses the enlarged memory (+77MiB)
      BITS:04-02:011:Large Memory Mode:null:The Application uses the enlarged memory (+109MiB)
      BIT:00:null:null:*BG application
      BIT:01:null:null:*SCE nongame application
      BIT:02:null:null:*Allow CDLG memory
      BIT:03:null:null:*Allow user CPU cores affinity mask
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