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right.suprx and custom implementation
« on: August 28, 2020, 11:21:34 PM »
The module SceGameRightPlugin can be found at sce_sys/about/right.suprx in every retail title, containing a PlayStation Vita logo and Sony license information. To view this information, open the bubble context menu from the home screen, select "Information", then press in sequence triangle, square, select, and start.

This module can be decrypted with sceutils. The data segment contains a ARZL compressed GIM and a ARZL compressed UTF-8 text file. Normally this module is started by SceShell, which passes a struct pointer into module_start, containing memory allocation functions (ScePafHeap). module_start then returns a callback through the struct for SceShell to obtain the GIM and text files.

In the custom implementation, by using a detail of SceShell, we are able to find the module UID, obtain the module file path, and load the GIM and text from file using relative paths. This has the advantage of not needing to rebuild the module for different logos and texts. The custom implementation is distributed as part of Dolcesdk: