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Atelier Firis rePatch Mods


You need Atelier Firis JPN(PCSG00929) version 1.10 to use these. Also you need the lastest rePatch plugin by dots-tb to use this. Put the GameID folders into rePatch folder to apply the mods.

1. Atelier Firis ENG patch 1.10 with two JPN exclusive DLC costumes.

This will replace the costumes "Zealous Explorer" and "Sky Blue Papilon" to "Nightless Saber" and "Blue School Uniform."


2. Atelier Firis ENG voice patch

This will change the Japanese voices to English dubs. This is for those who want to play the game in Japanese, but prefer the English dub.


3. Atelier Firis KOR patch.

Korean patch with Japanese voice. All texts will be in Korean. The opening video is in Korean.



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