Author Topic: Hidden Boot Parameters & Other CP Flags.  (Read 1974 times)

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Hidden Boot Parameters & Other CP Flags.
« on: August 01, 2020, 05:42:39 AM »
So you may be aware of certain "Boot Parameters" on DevKit as "development_mode" or "memory_size_switch"
what you likely didnt know is that these settings are acturally stored on CP Itself under /work/settings.xml
(you can even dump this file from your devkit uisng psp2ctrl settings-xml C:\path\to\output.xml)

with the recent CP Firmware Dump i could finally take a look at how this works,
and what i found was quite interesting.

as you can clearly see, there is alot more options there than just "development_mode"
you can also see an entry for "kernel:" and "none:" when before i only knew of "bootparam:" and "registry:"

One that caught my eye was "enable_extra_tty" so i gave it a try- using that psp2ctrl command that was discovered earlier by Mathieulh
Code: [Select]
psp2ctrl set-setting integer bootparam:/enable_extra_tty 1and oh! bingo!

More debug output is now printed!

A list of extra (untested) parameters to try are as follows:
(note, ive only tested enable_extra_tty i have NOT tried any of the others, use them at your own risk dont come to me if you break your CP. in theroy you can reset them from CP Recovery thou)
Code: [Select]
and potential strings to put infront of them are
Code: [Select]

As always, Blessed Be. and have a great Lughnasadh
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