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Persona 4 Golden Reincarnation BGM mod
« on: June 19, 2020, 06:09:34 AM »
Persona 4 is a shitty game but at least, unlike Persona 5, it has one saving grace in its soundtrack. A few years after the game's original release, and a year before Golden's release, a "Reincarnation" album with arranged versions of the songs, which notably have additional verses in the songs with vocals. While there is a mod to add these songs to the PS2 version of the game, no such mod exists for Golden, so, since I was interested in the game again due to cuevavirus's 1080p mod, I made one myself (it also includes the Poem of Everyone's Souls arrangement from Persona 3 Reincarnation). Note that (as far as I know) this can't be used as is with the PC version due to the soundtrack being stored in a different file and format.
Here is the mod.cpk:
Use this with an eboot patched for mod support (see:, or download a prepatched eboot from and put it in a folder named "data" in your repatch folder (so, for example, for PCSE00120, you'd want ux0:/rePatch/PCSE00120/data/mod.cpk).
It should be noted that I used the BGM file from the undub to create this, so there might be a few things undubbed by this even when you're not using the undub.
Also, while the normal soundtrack is encoded at 96kbps, I encoded the reincarnation files at 192kbps, resulting in a slight increase in
This 7z includes my workspace for creating the mod, including the tools used for extraction/encoding, including the original soundtrack file I extracted from, the unpacked folder from that file with the reincarnation songs replacing it, backups of the original songs (and wav conversions), and multiple versions of the reincarnation songs (the songs as initially ripped, the songs with gaps before/after and slight fadeouts removed, and the songs edited slightly more to loop closer to the way they did originally - I used the gapless versions in the mod, with both 96kbps and 192kbps at9 encodes of them also included):
For reference, here are the filenames of tracks I modified or considered modifying:
00001_streaming - Reach out to the Truth
00002_streaming - I'll face myself (battle)
00012_streaming - SMILE
00018_streaming - Specialist
00019_streaming - Title screen
00020_streaming - Poem of Everyone's Souls
00022_streaming - Your Affection
00023_streaming - Heartbeat, Heartbreak
00025_streaming - Signs of Love
00033_streaming - Heaven
00040_streaming - Like a Dream Come True
00046_streaming - Reach out to the Truth (first battle version)
00047_streaming - 夢想曲/Traumerei
00054_streaming - Time to make History
00055_streaming - I'll Face Myself (Battle) Reincarnation - Long Version
00056_streaming - I'll Face Myself (Battle) Reincarnation - Short Version
Despite the reincarnation version of I'll Face Myself already being in the game, I decided to still replace the original version with the Reincarnation version. However, I didn't replace the existing reincarnation tracks with my version, so it is still different.
Finally, if you want to use this with the undub (or any other mods, for that matter), here is the Mod Compendium ( files for the mod (put in /Mods/Persona4Golden):
Since the undub has the soundtrack file in it, either delete the files from your undub mod folder, or make sure that the Reincarnation mod is above the undub in Mod Compendium when you build your cpk.
I didn't test the mod extensively so let me know if you encounter any problems.
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Re: Persona 4 Golden Reincarnation BGM mod
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