Author Topic: sceTriggerUtil - library header + how to use  (Read 682 times)

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sceTriggerUtil - library header + how to use
« on: July 06, 2020, 08:26:01 PM »
sceTriggerUtil is library used to schedule one time or daily application events.

Prerequisites to use sceTriggerUtil:

1. SCE_SYSMODULE_TRIGGER_UTIL sysmodule must be loaded
2. "Settings->System->Auto-Start Settings" for application must be enabled (enabled by default). This will only appear in setting after at least one event has been registered by the application.
3. "app/*titleid*/sce_sys/incoming_dialog.xml" must be present. Examples of this file can be found in Radiko and Wake-Up Club applications. Multilanguage is supported (ex. incoming_dialog_JP.xml)

Information about events:

1. Max 8 events per one application can be registered.
2. Events will be triggered even when system is in sleep mode.

Library header can be found here: