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Debugging Some Unity Games
« on: September 08, 2019, 09:07:26 PM »
unity_debug - debug logging tool for UNITY on the PS VITA (originally for the kancolle translation project)
Slaves: @dots_tb, @Nkekev, @coburn64, @nyaaasen
Nkekev - sleep deprivation, token french for this project, testing, and further NID exploration
Coburn - Unity advisor and C# programmer
Sys (Yasen) - bringing the team together and """PR"""

Special thanks to Team_molecule (esp davee for his valiant effort.)

When looking into Unity games, you may want to get the debug output or logs. These are usually nullified and will not log to stdout. This plugin re-enables that function.

You will need:

Set up logging software.
You must setup Shiplog 2.0 or similar logging software, quick tutorial here:

It must be net mode or file logging mode. You cannot use buffer mode as it will fill up quickly depending on how many times the function is called. I recommend net logging, however some information may be lost in any of the methods due to Shiplog being trash.

Some notes:
You need both backdoor_exe.skprx and ShipLog.vpk installed. You must reboot once after installing the kernel plugin portion before attempting to open the application installed by the VPK.

Make sure you set up your network config on Shiplog and SAVE IT! The IP you are entering is the IP of your PC, Shiplog will attempt to connect to it on vita boot or when Henkaku activates.

To setup a server on the PC, use netcat command:
Code: [Select]
nc -l -p 3333
Then reboot the vita, you should see a message pop up on the PC when your vita connects.

Install the plugin.
Transfer the unity_debug.suprx to your vita and add it to the taihen config.txt under the title of the software the function you want to get unity logs from.

Code: [Select]
You should already know how to do this...

Reload taihen configuration. You may do this through Henkaku settings or Vitashell.

Launch the game and get the output.
Shiplog should now receive the output of the plugin:

NOTE: This plugin may not work on some games and especially games that utilize Il2CPP. You will know if it works if you see:
  • MONO was executed
  • hook[0]: <positive number when signed>