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Change the LCD colour space with one click and force colour space settings in PSPEmu applications. This program is only for PlayStation Vita 2000 models with LCD screens to toggle OLED emulation mode. Vita 1000 models already have OLED screens and do not have OLED emulation mode.

Source repository


Install lcd-colour-crunch.vpk with VitaShell. To force colour space settings in PSPEmu applications, write the module file path in the *KERNEL section of your taiHEN config.

--- Code: ---*KERNEL
--- End code ---


Open LCD Colour Crunch to toggle between original mode and OLED emulation mode. You can do so even when a game is open.

(image from reddit user girotin)

good to see electric finally figured it out too

Update v1.1.0

- Added display text for LCD Colour Crunch to indicate the active mode
- Added a kernel module to force colour space settings in PSPEmu applications

Yesterday reddit user girotin requested to change the colour space mode in Pspemu applications ( This update meets that request. Changing the colour space mode in Pspemu applications require a kernel module. Please see the OP for download and instructions.

To clear up some misconceptions, this application is only for LCD models, and has no effect on OLED models. Neither does changing the registry key "/CONFIG/DISPLAY/color_space_mode". Neither does electric's app. OLED screens do not have an OLED emulation mode. But it is true that OLED screens have two colour space modes ( However, it is an LED emulation mode which results in less saturated colours. If you are here you probably don't want that.

Thanks for the great work! Should I undo the registry change first before I use this?


- Replaced blitting with notification for indicating the active mode


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