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[Release] Persona 4 Golden 1920x1080 and 1280x720 patch for Vita and PSTV

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This patch changes the 3D render and framebuffer resolutions of Persona 4 Golden on the Vita and PSTV to 1920x1080 or 1280x720. 1920x1080 can be output to HDMI, 1280x720 can be output to HDMI or USB (udcd-uvc), or Vita users can enjoy a supersampled image directly on the screen.


1. Install Persona 4 Golden and install the latest update, if available.
2. Install the latest version of Sharpscale and the configuration app.
3. Turn on "Unlock framebuffer size" in the Sharpscale configuration app.
4. Install p4goldenhd.suprx under the appropriate title ID in your taiHEN config.

PCSG00004 Japan
PCSG00563 Japan (reprint)
PCSE00120 North America
PCSB00245 Europe
PCSH00021 Asia

For example,

--- Code: ---*PCSG00563
--- End code ---

If you are experiencing problems:

1. Disable Vitagrafix for this game.
2. If the plugin is loaded, a message will appear in the top left corner when the game starts. If you do not see a message, then the plugin is not loaded. Verify your config file.


Overclocking is required for good performance. With 1920x1080, framerate ranges between 20-30 FPS, with 25-30 FPS in all but the most graphically intensive areas. With 1280x720, framerate is 30 FPS.


2020-06-10 v1.0.1

- Fixed a bug where pre-rendered videos are black when using the undub patch in 1920x1080 mode

Source code
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Niko of Death:
Would it be possible to get this to output at 1080p (rather than 1080i) or is the vita tv hardware simply incapable of it?

1080p is possible at 30Hz, but there are some issues that I haven't been able to resolve. For example, some games will run at half the speed it normally runs at.

Thank you sir working perfectly on my Vita Tv
More power to all of you guys.. thanks again

Thanks a lot ! <3 im just having one tiny problem, im using psvshell as my overclocking plugin, once i installed the 720 patch to persona 4 i tried overclocking the game but it keeps crashing and rebooting the vita. It works fine on other games so i really dont know if its a problem from the patch or psvshell. Should i try another oc plugin?


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