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[Release] BootMenu
« on: September 20, 2020, 07:05:25 PM »
BootMenu is a GRUB-like menu allowing to automatically bootstrap the VitaLinux Baremetal Loader and, in turn, Linux, right after the PSVita boots. Recommended for Ensō users only.

VitaLinux build instructions here

Install instructions :

Download BootMenu.skprx from here, and place it on your memory card (i.e. ux0:linux/BootMenu.skprx) or your internal storage (i.e. ur0:tai/BootMenu.skprx).

Then add it to your taiHEN config.txt, in the *KERNEL section, i.e.
Code: [Select]
#For internal memory

#For memory card

Optional :
Can load a background image located at ur0:tai/BootMenu.bmp. Create it with Paint, save as 24bit BMP.

Usage instructions :

For PSVita users :
Use D-Pad Up and D-Pad Down to navigate the menu, O or X to choose an option.

For PSTV users :
Press POWER to abort the countdown and boot the PSVita OS.
Note that the POWER functionality hasn't been tested yet, so it might actually not work  :-\ . I would recommend placing the plugin on the memory card in case it doesn't work. If you can, hop by the Discord and tell me how it works on PSTV.

You can also skip the plugin entierly by holding Triangle/POWER for a bit, after the PS logo appears.

Credits :

teakhanirons : Menu code from EmergencyMount + dev help
xerpi : VitaLinux
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