Author Topic: [Release] Kogre's Mountain - A fun digital board game!  (Read 2085 times)

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[Release] Kogre's Mountain - A fun digital board game!
« on: June 06, 2020, 10:09:42 PM »
Hello! I'm releasing my first homebrew game for the PS Vita in years!

Kogre's Mountain is a wholesome digital boardgame that locally supports 2~4 players with the same system; Take turns moving your knights up the mountain to save the prisoner from Kogre, but watch out for falling rocks! Hide your knights behind obstacles or other knights to strategically be the first to get all 4 of your knights to the the top to win!

This game can be downloaded from the Vita Homebrew Browser, or directly from my website:

If you're interested in following me on Twitter, I'd appreciate that! 🙏

I'm starting to livestream game dev, so follow me on YouTube or Twitch, too!

Also, the cool music was made by Greycove ( and the sweet aesthetics were nailed down by Joyrok ( !

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