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[RELEASE] EmergencyMount - Brick protection for Vita
« on: June 06, 2020, 08:43:49 PM »
What is this?
This plugin provides a brick protection for Vita.
Simply hold triangle on boot and you will be presented with a menu to mount partitions (the same ones as VitaShell plus ur0) over USB. You can then use your computer to resolve the issue.
First seen in SO CBPS event:

Place the plugin to ur0:tai/EmergencyMount.skprx.
Add ur0:tai/EmergencyMount.skprx under *KERNEL
as such:
Code: [Select]
If you want, you can place a 24 bit RGB BMP at ur0:tai/EmergencyMount.bmp to use it as a background.

Keep in mind that EmergencyMount can not provide any protection against any plugins that are listed before itself so please install kernel plugins under EmergencyMount from now on.

It also can not provide any protection against any low level hacks gone wrong like enso_ex.

I can't mount my SD2Vita?
Keep in mind that in order for the SD2Vita mount to work, your SD2Vita plugin of choice needs to be loaded before EmergencyMount. This is not recommended. Using VitaShell to mount your SD2Vita to your computer is still the recommended way to go.


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