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Incomplete homebrews
« on: May 28, 2020, 10:12:49 PM »

Converted the SDL video output and controls to native Vita and was working on audio. Then I realized it was very, very slow. Even without the audio. Then I realized there was a better version of it with more mappers ( At that point, I gave up. Not worth it in my opinion.

Working on this was very fun though. Kudos to Rufis_, cuevavirus, CreepNT, skyl4nk, Princess of Sleeping and dots-tb for their help getting this to run.

Needs fnblit to build, you can use ddpm from DolceSDK to install it. No binaries as it's clearly not in an usable state.

No standalone fully working NES emulators on Vita is frusturating. Maybe I'll take a look at this problem later.
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Re: Incomplete homebrews
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Converted the SDL controls to native Vita and stretched the screen (not ideal). It runs slowly but has potential to run well if spent time on (more than 30 minutes like it is the case here).

No binaries as it's clearly not in an usable state.