Author Topic: Devkit screen swap. Baby's first face lift  (Read 7496 times)

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Devkit screen swap. Baby's first face lift
« on: May 23, 2020, 09:43:35 AM »
Story time: I a lonely lass found a devkit on ebay listing for a low price of 1000$ and I says to my self i want it. Hell bent on getting that devkit I took to the yahoo auctions looking for this devkit as I had a feeling they pulling a side hustle. Found my baby devkit being sold for a tenth of the ebay listing. I labored for 3 hours in the early morning fighting some slave drivers trying to take my baby from me. I won that auction.

 My baby was with me a week later. The previous owner probably in a fit of hentai withdrawal had busted the screen and joysticks and discarded it like yesterdays trash. I consulted with a doctor, but the operation to heal my baby was going to cost too much and insurance doesn't cover sony products. I searched the deep dark internet and stumbled upon a replacement epidermis for my baby. So i grabs my moms credit card and order the epidermis. Corona-chan tried to keep me from saving my baby by delaying the amazon gods from delivering to me. Eventually my prayers were answered and my baby's replacement skin was at my feet.

 Taking my baby apart hurt so much the cracking of its old skin as I undid its joints brought tears to my eyes. I eventually had my baby split in 2 the head was separated from the body. Some cruel denizens wanted me to take pictures of my baby's innards I a weak lass obliged. After the denizens got their fill I had to figure out how to separate the skin from my baby's head to proceed with the operation. The solution as cruel as it sounds was to place my baby's head in boiling water watching the muscle meat melt off revealing just skin and bone.

  I used cruel instruments of hell to keep my baby seperated while I boiled the replacement head to ensure perfect melding to my baby's skull. Baby had some trauma from the operation when I connected the two pieces by the spine baby could speak but couldn't see. I slowly pieced baby together adding its shoulders and hands back. I finally sealed baby up and go to wake it up and nothing. I had neglected in my duties and forgot that baby needs food. I fed baby gave baby the family heirloom and lived happily ever after.

My baby injured and abused:

My baby being prepped for new skins

The Denizens cackling at the dissection of my baby

Boiling my poor baby

My Baby Realizing life is an option

My Baby all better after surgery

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Re: Devkit screen swap. Baby's first face lift
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2020, 01:17:26 PM »
The white front looks really cool!