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Definite proof the SKGleba bricks Vitas !


Bricks. An inevitable part of any homebrew scene. Believe it or not but many devs brick their hardware!

--- Quote from: ImAnEnduser45 ---so you're telling me i cant trust anybody ?
--- End quote ---
I'm telling you that there is always a risk involved, and that if you don't want to brick your Vita, don't run homebrew on it.

But as you can see in the following images, the count of PS Vita™️ systems SKGleba has bricked is superior
to the number of stability updates Sony shipped for the Vita (and the Vita is a VERY VERY VERY stable console !!!!!!!)

But he's not alone ! In the journey of coldboot hack for all, @theflow0 bricked a unit trying to downgrade it.

During the Ensō closed test, two unfortunate users saw their Vita die for the community.

The 1.0 version of Ensō suffered from a bug which could led to a brick when uninstalling. This yet again killed a few consoles in the wild.

CelesteBlue made an estimation of the count of boards that died for the sake of the Vitascene or just meming around.
A minute of silence for these poor Vitas that will never come back to life.

please not this may or may not be accurate and CBPS nor myself cannot be held responsible in case it isn't.

Spoiler for those who thinked I was gonna talk shit about SKGleba: You're stupid.


--- Quote ---A minute of silence for these poor Vitas that will never come back to life.
--- End quote ---

a reminder for everyone that PSVita's are NOT Cute Girls, so them never coming back to life isnt a cute thing.


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