Author Topic: [Release] ElevenMPV-A: Advanced ElevenMPV with BG playback/hardware decoding  (Read 9184 times)

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ElevenMPV-A v3.80 Update Full Changelog:

1. Added support for ATRAC3 and ATRAC3plus formats. Official module used in PSP emulator is used for decoding. Following extensions are supported:

 - With metadata:

 - Raw:

 - ATRAC3 supported bitrates: 132kbps, 105kbps (LP2), 66kbps (LP4, joint stereo).

 - ATRAC3plus supported bitrates: 66-352kbps (everything that was used on PSP), maybe higher (not tested)

2. Fixed sekking issues on some FLAC files.
3. Fully switched to SceLibc.

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Many thanks for ATRAC3 and 3+

Now waiting for internet radio and Atrac1


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I registered to say thanks for making such a wonderful app and also to ask.

As I have installed this a few months ago kept repeating even if I set it to shuffle, this only happens when I am playing MP3 files and when I'm playing aac or flac files it continues fine and uses the whole folders songs, as I have stated MP3 kept repeating but other files are fine, is there a way around this. Please respond thank you.
PS: this problem does not persist in versions below 3.

Video Regarding the repeating
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