Author Topic: [Release] ElevenMPV-A: Advanced ElevenMPV with BG playback/hardware decoding  (Read 18295 times)

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mp4 files seem to crash the app (a couple to test : with error code C2-12828-1

Those files seem to be corrupted in some way. They do not open in official Music application either, and ElevenMPV-A uses same m4a (aac) decoder as official app.

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Oh ok, thanks for the heads up. the soundcloud downloader plugin I used to get the files must be the culprit.

Other issue, more like a UX curiosity / feature suggestion : when playing a track, pressing circle to get back into browsing and possibly go and select another track to change to will stop the current track playing. Would it be possible to keep the current track playing, and let the user still browse? maybe having a visual cue somewhere on the screen to switch between the browser and the player screen at all times (like in most music players you'd get on android, I'm thinking of powerAMP for instance where the actual player, the browser, and the playlist/cue editor work in parallel).

Yet another feature suggestion : Cue up / playlist editor system ?

Visual bug : on random occasions, the progress bar indicator will not reset to far-left position and move along to the right when starting a track but rather stay stuck far-right position though track plays just fine and time counter does increase from 0:00 and total track time is correctly displayed. quitting the track play, and restarting it from browser will make the progress bar work again correctly.
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