Author Topic: [Release] ElevenMPV-A: Advanced ElevenMPV with BG playback/hardware decoding  (Read 2033 times)

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ElevenMPV-A - Advanced Eleven Music Player VITA

BG playback support:

By default: with most of the games
With LowMemMode plugin ( with all games. When starting enlarged memory mode games, you will have to restart ElevenMPV-A.

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Re: [Release] ElevenMPV-A: Advanced ElevenMPV with BG playback
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Updated to v2.21:

- Reduced newlib usage to the minimum
- All settings are now saved in savedata0:

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Updated to v3.00:

ElevenMPV-A v3.00 Update Full Changelog:


1. Redistributed CPU load to achieve best possible performance for software decoding. Performance in games is not affected by ElevenMPV-A.
2. Various small performance improvements.
3. Textures are stored in .psarc archive.

Supported formats, hardware decoding:

1. Added support for hardware decoding (Codec Engine, decoding is performed via SceShell) for the following codecs:
   - AAC (.m4a, .aac) (some .aac files may not play)
   - ATRAC9 (.at9)

2. Changed decoding to hardware decoding (Codec Engine, decoding is performed via SceShell) for the following codecs:
   - MP3 (.mp3)
   - WAV (.wav) playback
Performance of all of the codecs listed above should now be flawless even under the toughest conditions.

4. Enabled ARM NEON support for FLAC decoding.

New features:

1. Added the following devices to the device list:
   - grw0:
   - xmc0:
2. Added equalizer. Processing is always performed on hardware, even when decoding is performed on software. It is possible to change EQ mode during playback operation. Following EQ modes are available:
   - Off
   - Heavy
   - Pop
   - Jazz
   - Unique
3. Added "repeat all" playback mode.
4. If none of the playback modes are enabled, playback will be automatically finished when all files from the current directory has been played. This allows system to switch to sleep mode automatically.

UI and controls:


1. Reimplemented touch controls using SceSystemGesture engine.
2. "Tap" gesture is now recognized when finger is released from the screen.
2. Added touch scrolling in file browser.
3. Added touch support for back button in file browser.
4. Added settings touch button in file browser.

Music player:

1. You can now control mixing volume for ElevenMPV-A from Quick Menu, similar to official Music application.
2. Support for cover pictures has been permanently removed due to extreme RAM constraints. Music player UI has been reorganized to accomodate this change.
3. Improved seeking procedure:
   - Touch the progress bar in any position to enter seek mode.
   - While in seek mode, you can move seek bar to any position you want, playback will not be interrupted. You can also move your finger away from the progress bar, seek mode will be maintained.
   - When you want perform seek operation, release your finger from the screen.
4. Added EQ button to the music player. You can also press SELECT button to open it.
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