Author Topic: [Release] LowMemMode plugin v1.2 - Increases system multitasking abilities  (Read 3596 times)

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If you have been using LowMemMode, please re-download it. Previous versions caused memory leak issue.

This is just a plugin, it will not magically download more RAM to your Vita. If you see C1-2609-7 error when starting application, it means there is not enough free RAM to start it.

Plugin for PS Vita that disables memory budget check during app launch in SceShell.

Allows you to launch other applications in LOWPHYMEM mode while enlarged memory mode app (+29MiB, +77MiB and +109MiB) is in the background.
Tested on 3.60-3.65 retail FW versions.

Install under *main

- Allows to launch Trophies, Friends, Messages, Music, Party and some other applications with +77MiB game (for example, Ys VIII).
- Allows to launch BGFTP with +109MiB game (for example, Darkest Dungeon).

Download link:
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