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[Release] MakePsmGreatAgain v1.5
« on: April 19, 2020, 02:10:39 AM »
PSMGreatAgain is a plugin that patches parts of the PSM Developer Assistant and PSM Developer Assistant for Unity.
it gives you things like Auto-PSM+ (basically an infinite publishing license), makes all the apps run at SecurityCritical level so they
can use "unsafe" api calls. Adds a function to exit games running in PSM Dev w START+UP makes USB Serial work and so on.

In v1.5 i  patched out the "project_name" checks in PSM Dev and PSM Dev for Unity. basically before MPGA 1.5 the project_name set in had to match that defined in the publishing keys, ("*" for PSM, "_PSM_DEFAULT_" for PSM Unity.) however in this new version
this check is patched so it'll allways *try* to boot into the game.

though note, this patch is ONLY at runtime, at install-time it still checks. which means the only way to really use
apps with a custom project_name is to just extract the PSDP contents into ux0:/cache/PCSI0000(9/7)

Download here:

Blessed Be~
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