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This post was originally made by SuperiorSpidy to /r/vitahacks, I was surprised when I went looking for it and it was missing. Luckily it was archived on removeddit and I had a link in my phone history. I am archiving it just in-case some of you have missed it:

Quote from: SuperiorSpidy
robots commented 10 hours ago • edited

So, since this corona stuff, work is being relaxed. I think i will have time to work on this.

I have created repository, and pushed all my stuff into that. I cannot push my notes there as they are in my head :-)

robots/[email protected]

Description:psp part: this is copied and reworked uofw ge driver. All writes and reads from registers have been replaced by requests to vita.

PSP ge driver is source: my additions (hopefully fixes):

Since there is limited number of shared resources between vita and psp, we have to share. There is at least one messagebox free (KERMIT_MODE_EXTRA_1, adrenaline uses KERMIT_MODE_EXTRA_2). But these are no interrupts free. We will share the interrupt adrenaline uses. Adrenaline uses this only to signal save/load of state and memory card reinsert - these are very rare interrupts, thus Adrenaline will not mind sharing.

u/NT-Bourgeois-Iridescence-Technologies it is not possible just to stream gpu data from psp. Gpu data is in ram that is not accessible from vita.

I patch the sceGeEdramGetAddr function to return address in vita's CDRAM (mapped into PSP's memory space) This way PSP game will write directly to shared memory. This makes it harder to have both gpu on vita, and ge on psp work at the same time (i would like to have switch, for games that are not yet compatible, but i am sure we can unpatch the ge driver or add some flag to select code.)In psp code i think it misses just the hooking stuff (and the flag)

For the vita part, i have started to write the GE state machine in C. I use PPSSPP's gpu framework as source of ideas. But its like 2percent of work done.

The roadmap should be something like:

write vita's ge statemachine
test it on vita only (with some psp example from
finish psp ge driver hooking.
test complete system.
So what is needed is one PSP developer who knows psp hooking stuff to finish the ge driver.




It seems that the /r/vitahacks mods have deleted it... No one is safe from them.
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