Author Topic: Fix Release-Mode & PSTV Mode Soft-Brick  (Read 1754 times)

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Fix Release-Mode & PSTV Mode Soft-Brick
« on: April 03, 2020, 07:44:49 AM »
Its possible to semi-brick a PDEL-1001 just by enabling two of its offical features:

PSTV Emulation Mode and Release Mode.

in PSTV Emulation Mode, all input is disabled and you have to pair a ds3 or ds4 controller via Neighbourhood
and in Release Mode, most CP Functions are disabled. and so you cant use Neighbourhood
Also note, downgrading to a firmware before pstv emulation mode is not possible because the firmware cannot be "Updated".while in release mode, even from Safe Mode.

So if Release Mode is enabled AND PSTV Emulation Mode is enabled, AND you have no controller linked to your DevKit.
then you will effectively have a brick since you cannot goto settings to disable PSTV Emulation Mode or Release Mode, and you cant link a controller in release mode.

However it turns out there are some hidden commands for psp2ctrl.exe to disable PSTV Emulation
and to enable Development Mode, these work even if Release mode is enabled.

Code: [Select]
psp2ctrl set-setting integer bootparam:/platform_emulation_dolce 0
psp2ctrl set-setting integer bootparam:/release_check_mode_console 0
psp2ctrl set-setting integer bootparam:/development_mode 1
(internal commands discovered by Mathieulh)

and then rebooting your PSVita. you will disable PSTV Emulation and Enable Development Mode. thus booting up as normal. and fixing the brick.

psp2ctrl is part of Target Managment Server (TMServer-3_60_0_2.msi package) which is part of the Offical SIE SDK.

Blessed Be~
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