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[Release] Sharpscale - native 960x544 HDMI output for PSTV

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Sharpscale is a PSTV and PS Vita plugin that changes the framebuffer to display scaling method to provide a cleaner and sharper image.

This plugin is the only method to obtain native resolution video capture with accurate colours at 60fps. A hardware capture kit for the Vita was previously available from Japan for $450 USD, but due to changes in Japanese laws, this is no longer available.

This is the first time in history a Vita nuova bounty organised by Rinnegamante has been filled. I want to thank the donors ScHlAuChii, eleriaqueen, mansjg, TG, as well as the excellent members of CBPS for the support they have provided.

I also want to thank rinne for diligently updating each bounty issue with the bounty total whenever someone else donated.


Sharpscale can be configured to different scaling methods.

Scaling Modes:

- Original: system default
- Integer: integer scaling while fitting inside the display, for general use with bilinear filtering off
- Real: no scaling, for video capture
- Fitted: non integer scaling fitting exactly inside the display while preserving aspect ratio, for media use with bilinear filtering on, or PS1 with bilinear filtering off

PS1 aspect ratio:

- Pixel: aspect ratio of the framebuffer is retained
- 4∶3: aspect ratio is forced to 4∶3
- 16∶9: aspect ratio is forced to 16∶9

Scaling algorithm:

- Point: nearest neighbour
- Bilinear: bilinear interpolation (system default)

In Adrenaline, set graphics mode to original in Adrenaline settings.

Unlock framebuffer size:

- On: allow framebuffers of sizes 1280x720, 1440x1080, and 1920x1080 to be used
- Off: system default


--- Code: ---*KERNEL

--- End code ---


Use the provided configuration app to change settings instantly without needing to close the foreground application or needing to reboot.

If the config app crashes on startup, follow these steps:

1. Use the plugin and config app attached to this post
2. Ensure that the plugin is loaded. It will be immediately noticeable on startup if it is loaded.
3. Disable plugins for the config app by adding the following line

--- Code: ---*!AKRK00005

--- End code ---

before this line in the taihen config.txt

--- Code: ---*ALL

--- End code ---

Preview video from Zodasaur:

Source code
Report bugs


2020-06-13 v1.5.0

- Texts in the configuration app has been changed for clarity
- Configuration app has a manual that can be opened from the LiveArea
- kernel plugin does not need to be updated

2020-06-09 v1.4.0

- Allow enable HD framebuffer sizes on the Vita
- Add HD resolutions to scaling test
- Fixed crashes in config app
- Bilinear filtering reverts to system default whenever scaling is not applied

2020-05-05 v1.3.0

- Added an option to enable large framebuffer sizes, when the application uses large framebuffers

2020-04-24 v1.2.0

- Added options for PS1 aspect ratio modes
- Added fitted scaling mode
- Added config application (ur0:/data/sharpscale/config.txt no longer needed)

2020-04-09 v1.1.1

- Fixed a bug where some PS1 games had black screen in 1080i
- Centred the framebuffer when cropping occurs
- Enabled "display area settings" in original mode

2020-04-06 v1.1.0

- All framebuffer sizes are now supported and there are now two configurable options, scaling mode, and bilinear filtering. Configuration is provided by a text file at ur0:/data/sharpscale/config.txt.

Amazing work @cuevavirus!

Would pstv be capable of outputting 1920x1200? In my (niche) case I have a 16:10 old Dell screen which has exactly that native resolution, but when feeded with 16:9 video it simply stretch it to fill the whole screen, blurring the image and destroying proportions - there are no built-in settings in the monitor to prevent that.

If pstv could serve 1920x1200 with black bars, then even those 8 lost lines would be back  ;D

I don't think 1920x1200 is possible because of hardware limitations.


Regardless, very nice work cuevavirus!

Thank you so much for this  8)

How do I get Adrenaline to obey the rules? It seems to do 2x on PSP games no matter what I try, even tho you can see it scaled down when you have the PS menu open? Weirdness
Would be awesome to have SS as well as 1x and 2x for PSP and PSX



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