Author Topic: Bypass Chinese Region Lock with ★Debug Settings  (Read 8825 times)

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Bypass Chinese Region Lock with ★Debug Settings
« on: October 20, 2019, 06:25:05 PM »
Its useful for those of you with Chinese vita's PCH-xxx9 range
So basically i discovered you can remove the region lock with the  ★Debug Settings) Install Enable Debug Settings / Testkit Fw
(Cex2Rex2.0 can do this in a very nicely-,)

0. Install testkit firmware/enable debug settings
1. Open Settings App
2. Scroll down to the ★Debug Settings
3. Click on System
4. On "Region Setting" change it from China to North America
5. Sign into any psn account! it should work now

After the account is linked you can change back to normal firmware if you want. the region check is only when linking accounts

anyone with a real china console wanna try this ? haha
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