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[Release] Vita Moonlight HD
« on: October 15, 2020, 12:41:38 AM »
Original application here:


New features:

- Added support for native 1920x1080 and 1280x720 resolutions
- Added on screen keyboard support
- Audio stream can now be continued with the screen off
- Audio stream can now be continued with application suspended
- Moonlight stream will now not disconnect when you suspend application
- DS4 touchpad on PSTV will now work in direct input mode (full touchscreen simulation)
- Touchscreen/touchpad (DS4) input has been reworked. All timeframes have been adjusted. It is now as close as possible to laptop touchpad. You can use following gestures:
     - Drag to move cursor
     - Tap: left mouse button click (recognized on release)
     - First finger hold, second finger tap: right mouse button click (recognized on release of second finger)
     - Tap and hold in one place: enter hold left mouse button mode. After mode is entered, you can freely drag finger to move cursor (recognition stops when finger is released)
     - First finger hold, second finger move: mouse wheel scroll (recognition stops when any of the fingers released)

- Fixed all issues related to touch input (such as special keys being accidentaly recognized when moving cursor)
- Implemented proper AVC decoder flushing on stream resume
- Various minor optimizations

Details and limitations:
Please read this before asking questions!

1. Requirements for HD resolution modes on normal Vita and PSTV.
     - On normal PS Vita, Sharpscale is required
     - On PSTV there are no special requirements
2. Limitations of Vita AVC decoding hardware:
     - AVC decoder is not fast enough to decode [email protected] stream. Please use [email protected] instead
3. About new options:
     - Resolution modes:
    960x540, 960x544 -> Vita/PSTV display resolution set to 960x544
    1280x540, 1280x720 -> Vita/PSTV display resolution set to 1280x725
    1920x1080 -> Vita/PSTV display resolution set to 1920x1088
    Application restart is required to apply stream resolution settings!
     - Enable BGM mode:
    When set to on, system will continue audio stream playback even when application is suspended
    Application restart is required to apply this option!
     - Disable system suspend
    Disable automatic system suspend feature
     - Disable screen dimming
    Disable automatic screen dimming feature

     - Special keys: Open keyboard
    When this special key is pressed, on-screen keyboard will be opened

     - This version does not replace v0.8.0. You will have to do clean reinstall manually.
Current issues:

     - UI is not scaled properly in 1280x720 and 1920x1080 modes so it will appear small, especially on normal Vita screen.
Coming in the future:

     - Full bluetooth mouse and keyboard support
Path to all Moonlight configuration data has been changed from ux0:data/moonlight to ux0:user/00/savedata/GRVA00010.
You have to open that folder with triangle->open decrypted in Vitashell before doing any manual operations with it.

On normal Vita, Sharpscale is required to use this application.
Unlock framebuffer size option in Sharpscale config app must be set to on

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Re: [Release] Vita Moonlight HD
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2020, 08:55:00 PM »
v0.9.1 Changelog:

- Fixed back touchpad mapping issue