Author Topic: Restore automatic save backups (PSVita)  (Read 11079 times)

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Restore automatic save backups (PSVita)
« on: March 30, 2020, 02:46:39 AM »
So some may not be aware that the vita automatically makes backups of your savefiles- there stored in ux0:/user/xx/savedata_backup

However there in an unknown format. So it was mostly useless

But just caz we dont know the format doesnt mean it ain't useful, a few years ago I was messing with my save and managed to get the option from the system to restore an automatic backup

Someone was asking about it on reddit and I just remembered this was an option so now I'm gonna tell you all how to restore from here. It could be useful if you accidentally delete your save or something.

If you prefer videos:

0) Verify an automatic backup exists. Check ux0:/user/xx/savedata_backup for a file starting with the TITLEID of the game.

1) Backup the existing savefile for this game.
just copy it out from ux0:/user/savedata/xx/savedata/TITLEID

2) open your save folder (ux0:/user/xx/savedata/TITLEID) then goto sce_sys and delete sdslot.dat and keystone

3) Exit vitashell and try start your game. You should see a message saying the save is corrupt asking if you want to restore

Blessed Be~
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