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PS Vita / Re: [CHOVY] Valkyria Chronicles 3 translation (not working)
« Last post by Knofbath on July 20, 2022, 08:44:33 PM »
Alright, Discord user @delon got in touch with me. Author of the pgd-encrypter program from way back, who worked on this before I even thought of it. He's donated an encrypted and translated DATA.BIN that he made for personal use with firmware 3.18 PSP bubbles.

pgd-encrypter apparently requires a substantially similar header to the original file in order to re-encrypt it, something that was out of scope for my previous attempt.

But now that I have the DATA.BIN, we can go back and finish this.

Extract ISO from EBOOT.PBP that delon gave me, run it through CHOVY, and it works first try. GG, well played, fixed before CHOVY-SIGN even came out. (Never publicly released though.)

Title is in JP, but he's replaced the icons. I guess we can go through and fix the title? I've also noticed that the translation is built upon the original VC3 release, so let's try building this into the VC3 Extra Edition release instead.

New problem, same as the old problem, black screens on load.  >:( Wut. I've only changed 2 files, why is this happening to me.

 I tried for dozens of iterations of rebuilding the ISO, was still coming up with nothing. Then in an effort to speed the iteration process up, I compressed it in CHOVY-SIGN, and... it worked.  :-\ Wut.

I give up.

Changed files (delon): 
Code: [Select]
PSP_GAME\SYSDIR\EBOOT.BIN  - modified to English exit dialog instead of JP by delon (I decided not to include this, eboot.bin is attached below if you want it)
PSP_GAME\INSDIR\DATA.BIN - translation by Valkyria Chronicles 3 Translation Project, compressed by delon
PSP_GAME\ICON0.PNG - english text 
PSP_GAME\PIC0.PNG - english text
PSP_GAME\INSDIR\ICON0.PNG - english text
PSP_GAME\SYSDIR\UPDATE\*.* - dummied out

Changed files (mine):
Using ULJM-05957 (VALKYRIA3E2) as base
Code: [Select]
PSP_GAME/INSDIR/DATA.BIN - translation by Valkyria Chronicles 3 Translation Project, compressed by delon
PSP_GAME/PARAM.SFO - corrected GAMEID to ULJM-05957, Title to Valkyria Chronicles 3 Extra Edition
PSP_GAME/ICON0.PNG - english text (cleaned up by a fraction, bit depth 32>24)
PSP_GAME/PIC0.PNG - english text (bit depth 8>32)
PSP_GAME/INSDIR/ICON0.PNG - english text
PSP_GAME\SYSDIR\UPDATE\*.* - dummied out

Source file: 
Senjou no Valkyria 3 - Extra Edition Japan.iso
- Size: 1459322880 bytes (1391 MiB)
- CRC32: 6F0D3AA6
- SHA1: 70F2CE891CE45B1A79E8AC5A0845F5845DA7C117


Run the xdelta.bat against that file, or use a patching program of your choice that accepts xdelta.
Install with CHOVY-SIGN, I suggest the v2, since v3 wasn't working for me.
I only had 2/3 success installing via QCMA, what worked was switching CHOVY to Compressed mode. YMMV.
any important changes in app? i'm asking because i noticed vpk was updated in 2022-06-18 16:17

PS Vita / Re: [Release] Sharpscale - native 960x544 HDMI output for PSTV
« Last post by omghelpmee on January 12, 2022, 03:37:33 PM »
Can someone help, maybe a dev member who helped create this plugin.

All my psp games stopped working after installing and trying to uninstall this plugin.

I'm assuming even though i uninstalled the plugin, some of the config files were changed and were not reverted back.

I also would not prefer to format everything and start from zero, thanks.
Kits / Re: PSP2 Coredump Parser - Simple tool to parse .psp2dmp files
« Last post by Graphene on January 09, 2022, 01:19:07 AM »
Application has been updated: fixed reported values for touch and render process IDs, added TTY cache info.
Kits / Re: PSP2 Coredump Parser - Simple tool to parse .psp2dmp files
« Last post by Graphene on January 05, 2022, 07:22:24 PM »
Application has been updated: fixed parsing of thread stop reason, fiber and UL thread states.
Kits / PSP2 Coredump Parser - Simple tool to parse .psp2dmp files
« Last post by Graphene on January 05, 2022, 01:26:59 AM »
Coredump Parser is a simple tool to parse .psp2dmp files based on PSP2TMAPILib.

It allows to parse coredumps made on Retail, TestKit or TOOL PS Vita consoles.
Note that SCE Target Manager Server for PSP2 must be installed and running on your PC in order to use this tool (yes, even to work with retail system/coredumps).

Currently this tool parses various information for following objects:

- Version
- Device
- TTY cache
- Process
- Application
- Budget
- Module
- Library
- File
- Memory Block
- Thread
- Callback
- Condition Variable
- Lightweight Condition Variable
- Event
- Mutex
- Lightweight Mutex
- Message Pipe
- RW Lock
- Semaphore
- Thread Event Handler
- Fiber
- User-level thread

ElevenMPV-A v6.00 Update Full Changelog:

New features:

1. Added support for YouTube audio streaming.
2. Added ability to downloading audio directly from YouTube for local playback.
3. Added ability to switch between browser window and player window with player reamining active.

Supported formats:

1. Added support for the following codecs:
   - WebM (.webm, only as OPUS container)


1. Minor UI and design changes.
libAppSettings is simple library that implements app settings dialog with official UI functions.
Comes with SCE SDK and vitasdk stubs.

Download and usage sample:

Reverse Engineering / Re: Bruteforcing NIDs on the PS Vita
« Last post by Graphene on November 11, 2021, 11:17:01 AM »
Sometimes library/module name is used as suffix. It may not be the same as the actual library/module name. Examples:

SceSasUser uses SceSasUser suffix.
sceSasCore -> sceSasCoreSceSasUser -> NID match (0x7A4672B2)

ScePaf uses PAF suffix.
sce_paf_realloc -> sce_paf_reallocPAF -> NID match (0x0ADEA3AD)

Example from SCE downloadable apps, paflib.suprx module from LiveTweet/Flickr etc.
Uses ScePafLib suffix.
Graphical / PSV Kaitou Saint Tail Custom Theme
« Last post by dkrmdi on November 04, 2021, 12:21:42 AM »
I made two different versions. One is without the logo, and the other is with the logo.

No logo version.

Logo version.

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