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PS Vita / Re: [Release] TrophyShot - Takes a screenshot whenever you get a trophy.
« Last post by fmudanyali on September 29, 2020, 12:11:53 PM »

Update v1.1.1
- Added nids for 3.65-CEX/DEX
- Added ability to toggle platinum only screenshots. Just create this file:
Code: [Select]
ux0:/data/TrophyShot/platinum.txtDoesn't matter if the file is empty or not. Don't forget to reboot.
Reverse Engineering / Re: Taking a screenshot from a SceShell plugin
« Last post by fmudanyali on September 29, 2020, 12:02:31 PM »
3.65 CEX offset: 0x14a980
3.65 DEX offset: 0x142db4
PS Vita / Re: [Release] TrophyShot - Takes a screenshot whenever you get a trophy.
« Last post by fmudanyali on September 27, 2020, 11:28:25 PM »

Update v1.1

- Changed how the plugin takes a screenshot.
- Is now a single main plugin
- Will not freeze your screen unlike before
- Should be compatible with all games
Kits / pfs_builder.exe usage
« Last post by Graphene on September 27, 2020, 06:41:15 PM »
This was either undocumented or unknown.

General usage instructions can be obtained by just running pfs_builder.exe without any arguments. These are:

usage: [-s<number>] [-q] [-n<number>] [-v] [-f<number>] [-k<number>] [-d] <dest path> <param file>
-s : generate PFS image for 0:gamedata(default), 1:savedata, 2:AC ROOT, 3:ACID DIR.
-q : quiet mode (no message).
-n : random number seed (32bit-HEX, default 0).
-v : print svn revision of source code.
-f : set DB format version (default:latest).
-k : set key type. 0:type2(default), 1:type3.
-d : generate PFS DB only.

There are actually more options, but the main issue was structure of param file, that is not documented anywhere.

param file structure:

Here is how param file should be structured:

1. Each new line of param file indicates file or folder that will be added to PFS
2. Lines can be commented with "#"
3. Each line must contain 4 or 5 parameters:
     1. Input file/directory name
     2. Output file/directory name for PFS result
     3. PFS param 1 (described below)
     4. PFS param 2 (described below)
     5 (optional). PFS file seed
4. Parameters in line are separated by tabbing (0x09 HEX code). Line must also end with 0x09.

Detailed description of parameters:

PFS param 1 is used to determine PFS access mode. Available options are:
(nothing. Tabbing still must be preserved)
rw (read/write)
ro (read only)
sys (ex. sce_sys dircetory or clearsign/keystone files)

PFS param 2 is used to determine how PFS should treat file/directory. Available options are:
(nothing. Tabbing still must be preserved)
dir (treat input as directory)
acidir (?, maybe treat input as addcont included directory (PFS-in-PFS))
npfs (?, maybe copy that file without including it in PFS)
nenc (do not encrypt that file)
nicv (?)

PFS file seed is optional parameter. It is a string of 40 characters in HEX format that will be used as encryption seed for the file/directory. If not set, common options seed will be used.

Hidden modes:

Some of these modes can not be set by input arguments, only by directly editing pfs_builder.exe executable:


I was wondering if there is a plugin that can resize vita screen livearea, apps, games ( like PSPEMU in Adrenaline ) without affecting performance?
PS Vita / Re: [Release] BetterTrackPlug - Keep Track Of Your Games
« Last post by fmudanyali on September 26, 2020, 02:32:34 AM »

Update v1.1

- Added blacklist support (Will prompt if you clear the playtime by pressing TRIANGLE)
- Fixed a bug where games with line-breaks in their names would display incorrectly
- Fixed compiler warnings
PS Vita / Re: [Release] Staybright - Disable screen auto-dimming but keep auto-suspend
« Last post by cuevavirus on September 25, 2020, 02:44:42 AM »
Update v1.0.1

- Rebuild with latest DolceSDK to reduce runtime memory use by 32 KiB
PS Vita / Re: [Release] LCD Colour Space Changer
« Last post by cuevavirus on September 24, 2020, 09:22:41 PM »
Update v1.1.0

- Added display text for LCD Colour Crunch to indicate the active mode
- Added a kernel module to force colour space settings in PSPEmu applications

Yesterday reddit user girotin requested to change the colour space mode in Pspemu applications ( This update meets that request. Changing the colour space mode in Pspemu applications require a kernel module. Please see the OP for download and instructions.

To clear up some misconceptions, this application is only for LCD models, and has no effect on OLED models. Neither does changing the registry key "/CONFIG/DISPLAY/color_space_mode". Neither does electric's app. OLED screens do not have an OLED emulation mode. But it is true that OLED screens have two colour space modes ( However, it is an LED emulation mode which results in less saturated colours. If you are here you probably don't want that.
General / Re: DolceSDK - Playstation Vita homebrew SDK
« Last post by cuevavirus on September 23, 2020, 08:29:30 PM »
Changes summary 2020-09-23

Due to changes in db.yml and stub generation, it is likely that user modules will require adjustments to linked libraries to build. Please read below.


- added box2d (credits: coderx)


- binutils reverted to 2.32 due to issues in 2.35
- discard debug sections from ELF
- bug fix in dolce-make-fself (credits: princess of sleeping)
- dolce-libs-gen will now always generate one stub library file per library, whereas before that was only the case for kernel libraries, and all user libraries of a module are collected into one stub library


Please note that SceGxmInternal functions have been renamed, and previously deprecated headers have been removed.

- added NIDs and prototypes in SceIniFileProcessor, SceKernelForMono (credits: graphene)
- fixes in SceCpu, added protypes in SceFios2Kernel (credits: princess of sleeping)
- added NIDs and prototypes in SceLibXml, SceGxm
- removed deprecated headers
- removed functions non-existent in 3.60 retail firmware
- moved libraries to correct module, and functions to correct library

The last point of moving libraries to the correct modules have been repeatedly brought up to Vitasdk maintainers. In fact you can see in 477 that it was brought up yet again while I was working on these very changes.

For some reason these changes have made this person irrationally angry. DolceSDK has complied with Vitasdk's and Pspsdk's license in all applicable works.

The reason for refusal is yet again "backward compatibility". This reason is only a convenient excuse for the maintainers. When making their own changes, they do not hesitate to think about backward compatibility.

The most recent example being the upgrade to gcc10 (, which is widely known for causing breakages due to -fno-common becoming the default ( Some of the most popular homebrews such as Vitashell ( are broken.

Another example is this inexplicable change to gcc configuration ( It was basically unuseable.

Still, it took more than a month before this change was reverted (

The DolceSDK team is focuses on correctness, consistency, and good design. Backward compatibility is neither a primary concern, nor an excuse for refusing changes.
PS Vita / Re: [Release] BetterTrackPlug - Keep Track Of Your Games
« Last post by fmudanyali on September 23, 2020, 04:50:20 PM »

Changed to DolceSDK to save 32KB system memory. Use the latest binary if you have way too many plugins and getting the error "C1-2569-2" when launching a program, which means "Not enough free system-reserved RAM to start the application." according to Graphene.
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