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Updated to v2.0. CPU Affinity Mask Changer is now a kernel plugin.
Tutorials / Restore automatic save backups (PSVita)
« Last post by SilicaAndPina on March 30, 2020, 02:46:39 AM »
So some may not be aware that the vita automatically makes backups of your savefiles- there stored in ux0:/user/xx/savedata_backup

However there in an unknown format. So it was mostly useless

But just caz we dont know the format doesnt mean it ain't useful, a few years ago I was messing with my save and managed to get the option from the system to restore an automatic backup

Someone was asking about it on reddit and I just remembered this was an option so now I'm gonna tell you all how to restore from here. It could be useful if you accidentally delete your save or something.

If you prefer videos:

0) Verify an automatic backup exists. Check ux0:/user/xx/savedata_backup for a file starting with the TITLEID of the game.

1) Backup the existing savefile for this game.
just copy it out from ux0:/user/savedata/xx/savedata/TITLEID

2) open your save folder (ux0:/user/xx/savedata/TITLEID) then goto sce_sys and delete sdslot.dat and keystone

3) Exit vitashell and try start your game. You should see a message saying the save is corrupt asking if you want to restore

Blessed Be~
PS Vita / MOVED: [Tutorial][Windows] VS Code with VitaSDK
« Last post by dots_tb on March 30, 2020, 02:37:30 AM »
PS Vita / [Release] PSOneScrot - take proper PS1 screenshots
« Last post by cuevavirus on March 25, 2020, 10:00:24 PM »
The usual way of taking a screenshot with PS+Start does not work for PS1 games. We have created PSOneScrot (PS1 Screenshot) to fulfill this feature which has been sorely lacking.

How to use:

1. Open settings in the quick menu
2. Open official settings if using adrenaline
3. Select screenshot

Video instructions:

Bilinear filtering:

This option will affect the resulting screenshot and is the only graphical option that affects the screenshot.

This option is normally hidden on the PSTV but will be enabled with this plugin. Bilinear filtering has no effect on the HDMI image output.


Install under *KERNEL for example

Code: [Select]

For source code and bug reports see

Download is attached below
Reverse Engineering / Re: SceShell Notice
« Last post by dots_tb on March 24, 2020, 07:31:36 AM »
Very nice!

PS Vita / [Release] BetterTrackPlug - Keep Track Of Your Games
« Last post by fmudanyali on March 21, 2020, 04:57:16 PM »

What is this?
A plugin that keeps track of how long you played your games, and an app to show you the values.

How is this "Better"?
- As it's rewritten as a kernel plugin, the files that record the playtime won't ever get corrupted.
- It only writes to file when you close/launch or suspend/resume the games so it doesn't murder your memory card, unlike the old one.
- Complete support for Adrenaline and Adrenaline Bubbles.
- The app works at 60FPS instead of 30FPS.

How do I install this?
Just put BetterTrackPlug.skprx under *KERNEL in config.txt

Code: [Select]

and install the vpk.

Features To Be Added
- Blacklist support so you don't have to see how much time you've spent on VitaShell.


I would advise you to set up your bubbles in a way that their title ID's will be the same as the corresponding PSP game's title ID instead of the default PSPEMUXXX, this way, they will use the same file that stores the playtime and you won't see the game twice on the list if you launch it both from bubble or directly from adrenaline.

As it's currently not possible for me to extract icons from inside Adrenaline, games launched directly from Adrenaline won't have any icons if there is no corresponding bubble for the said game. I also don't think it would be efficient even if I knew how to do it.

Please let me know if you see any bugs, it would be extremely helpful.

- Special thanks to teakhanirons, dots-tb, cuevavirus and Team CBPS for helping me make this plugin and not losing their minds because of my questions. Without their help I wouldn't even know where to start.
- Rinnegatamante for LPP-Vita and making the idea of TrackPlug in the first place.
- Electry for his code chunk responsible for getting titles inside Adrenaline.
- ecamci for making the assets.
- chinseng85 for adding the ability to store games' icons so when you remove them, you will still be able to see their icons.
PS Vita / Re: Vita Babe Of The Week
« Last post by Zodasaur on March 20, 2020, 03:43:31 AM »
Kai Tana from Velocity Ultra and Velocity 2X.
Kai is a fearless badass cybernetic blond bombshell who stars in my favorite Vita shooter game so far. Surprisingly, this one's actually a good role model for kids and grows on me more and more each time i'm treated with new dialog from her.

Reverse Engineering / Re: [Tutorial] Decompiling a Vita self
« Last post by cuevavirus on March 19, 2020, 01:46:41 AM »
There may be a few errors encountered when using GhidraVitaLoader

1. Conflicting instructions

This is caused by ghidra's auto-analysis thinking NIDs are code.

Go to the address indicated on the error messages, select the code section, right click, and click clear code bytes. Then run VitaLoader again.



2. Unknown keys in db.yml

Remove sections in db.yml such as this

Code: [Select]
          SceKernelStackChkGuard: 0x4458BCF3
          __stack_chk_guard: 0x93B8AA67
Disable screen auto-dimming but retain auto-suspend on the Playstation Vita.


Install under *KERNEL of your taiHEN config.

Code: [Select]


Requested by: Robsdedude
Testing: Freeflow, SonicMastr, froid_san, Robsdedude
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