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It appears to be some sort of anti-aliasing effect because I have bilinear disabled for everything. PSX games from Adrenaline displays pixel sharp without this blurriness. I will try to take some screenshots later.

1080i vita config, adrenaline set to original

PSP Darkstalker 3 anti-aliasing or interpolation?

PSX Darkstalker 3 sharp

PSP Street Fighter Alpha 3 anti-aliasing or interpolation?

PSX Street Fighter Alpha 3 sharp

Unless I'm reading the patch wrong, all it does is remove the scaling options from the menu and hard code them to 1.0.
So you should get the same effect just setting those options to 1.0 in the menu.

And the result is that PSX games are still blurry when not using the "Original" mode.
I think the blurring happens earlier internally in POPS.

Thanks for the info CruelTott. Just throwing this out there, 2D only PSP games like Street Fighter Alpha 3, Darkstalkers, etc their pixels seem filtered somehow. I am wondering if this is just internal to the Vita PSP emulator and that there's nothing we can do about it.

This patch removes GPU scaling in all graphics modes. But adrenaline requires many steps to build so I don't want to do it.

Would this remove the bad scaling/filtering on 2D PSP games like Street Figher Alpha 3 via Adrenaline?

CruelTott, would you be able to build this custom Adrenaline module please?

I just wanted to say thank you Cuevavirus for making this plugin. It is so amazing to be able to play Vita, PSP, and PSX games on the VITA TV in correct pixel, correct aspect ratio, and without bilinear filtering. It's a dream come true. On the regular vita, disabling bilinear filtering is a giant leap for PSP games, night and day. Everything is so sharp.

Thank you thank you for putting together one of the last puzzle pieces for vita homebrew.

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