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Follow up question.
Does this app disable the ability to shrink or enlarge the screen size via the display and settings on the Vita TV settings?

I'm no longer unable to shrink it or enlarge the screen unless I delete sharpscale .

Could anyone test this and see if you are able to use that menu feature with sharpscale installed?

Allowing you to change the screen size would entirely defeat the purpose of this plugin. In order to preserve the integrity of the pixels they can only be multiplied evenly. This means the most it can fill your screen is determined by a combination of the resolution of the game combined with the resolution you have the Vita TV set to. You should watch this video to get an idea of what's possible. Some games can fill the entire screen but again that's determined by the resolution of the content and if multiples evenly into 720 or 1080:

As for retroarch I'd go into the retroarch video settings and turn off bilinear filtering. If that doesn't work, I'd ask at either the or gba.temp forum threads dedicated to the Vita retroarch port, and if that doesn't help the github page of the specific retroarch core you're using to run Double Dragon.

Can you define what "looks bad" means?

worse than original ps1 graphics

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but if your complaint is that it "looks pixelated" that's kind of the whole point of this plugin. It keeps the pixels sharp by not letting them get warped by filtering or stretching. You might think that looks bad, and it's not what the original game looked liked because it would have been blurred on a crt.

I think what you are actually looking for is a box that will run a ps1 emulator so you can do things like increase the game's internal resolution and use antialiasing so the polygons of 3d games will look sharp.

I also ran across the problem of the scrolling not being smooth in SOTN and other 2D games when running with "Original" graphics in 720p.
So I messed around in the Adrenaline code and found a way to make it run better.

This is the change I made:

Maybe it will be useful to some of you.

This works fantastic, thank you!

Only Sony can answer that question.  ::)

ok can you please tell me how did you manage to get Crash Team Racing looking sharp on widescreen setting on PstV @720p ? on my PsTV it doesn't look anywhere near as good !! actually it looks bad

Can you define what "looks bad" means?

fwiw I'm digging how 480p is looking with those settings. Things looks sharp, image is constantly 4:3 and fills the screen no matter the ps1 game resolution. Tested with SotN, Chrono Cross and Vagrant Story.

Do sharpscale's aspect ratio settings conflict with Adrenaline's scaling settings? Should I set them back to 1 for ps1 games if I had it adjusted it to get 4:3?

What is the advantage of Fitted over Original?

I may be crazy and this may not actually have anything to do with this plugin, but there's something about playing SotN without filters in 1080i and 720p . The pixels look sharp and amazing, but the screen scrolling looks bad, like there's tearing or something.

After some experimenting with 480p I think I've found the best compromise I can for making ps1 game look sharp as possible while also filling the screen as much as possible, and also keeping the aspect ratio from changing on variable resolution ps1 games:

Manually set my display to 4:3

Set Vita TV to 480p

Set Shapscale to

Billinear off (obviously)

I'm guessing to also accomplish this for psp games, I'd just change the aspect settings on my tv and leave everything else the same?

Playing some PS1 games and this mod is making it real clear which games used variable resolutions, and for what.

Check out SotN or Chrono Cross, for example.

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