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Weird, I'm on 3.60 and don't need this plugin for PSN access. I was having issues with it initially, but after updating to SKGleba's latest build of iTLS-Enso I no longer have problems. But I'm sure many others are having issues, so thanks for this.

Weird, after looking closer at SKGleba's latest build of iTLS-Enso I discovered that SKGleba has copypasted the functions of this module into SKGleba's latest build of iTLS-Enso. But I'm sure many others do not know, so thanks for this.

One minor thing though, is it normal for the "Patch Success" message to appear in the middle of the game?

This is a cosmetic bug in the plugin. Don't worry about it. I'll fix it in the next version.



Recent server-side changes blocked access to the PlayStation Store for lower firmware version users. reAuth allows you to use the PlayStation Store and sign in to the PlayStation Network on 3.60-3.65.


Enso is required. If you are experiencing these errors on a firmware version where Enso is not available, you must downgrade.

1. Copy reAuth.skprx to your device and add its path under *KERNEL in your taiHEN config file.
2. Copy reAuth.suprx, libhttp.suprx, and libssl.suprx to ur0:/data/reAuth. Do not add these to your taiHEN config file.

Make sure you have PSN spoofing turned on in Henkaku settings, and version spoof set to 3.73.

The plugin works fine with everything except with adrenaline.

This is a problem with adrenaline not this plugin. So this has to be fixed in adrenaline. Music is output through the bgm port. When using pspemu normally, the bgm port is used for game audio and this plugin will redirect game audio to the voice port. However adrenaline opens both the bgm and voice ports. I recommend using chovy-sign instead of adrenaline.

If I understand correctly you want to be able to enter sleep mode directly? If that is the case I think it is possible. I'm planning to release an update for Quick Menu Plus with a few other changes so I will take this into consideration.



This plugin allows you to use a DualSense controller in the same way as a Dualshock 4 controller on a PlayStation TV, or on a PlayStation Vita with MiniVitaTV.


* Buttons, triggers, analogue sticks
* Touchpad
* Gyroscope and accelerometer
* Rumble
* Lightbar and player indicator LEDs
* Battery level and charging status
* Up to four connected controllers
* Controller management through the Quick Menu


Copy dualsense-driver.skprx to your device and add its path under *KERNEL in your taiHEN config file. If you are using a Vita, you must use MiniVitaTV, and put this plugin after ds3.skprx.


From a powered off state, hold PS+SHARE for several seconds until the LEDs start flashing to enter pairing mode. Then release the buttons and connect through the Bluetooth devices menu. After that the controller can be used in the same way as a Dualshock 4 controller.

USB communication is not available.

PS Vita / Re: [META] Unable to download on PS Vita
« on: May 13, 2021, 05:46:13 PM »
RIF Ripper and PS Mini Store are hosted on my website rather than this forum. If those cannot be downloaded on the Vita, then I have no idea what's wrong. In any case, you can download on a phone or computer and transfer it to your Vita by FTP.

PS Vita / Re: [META] Unable to download on PS Vita
« on: May 13, 2021, 12:04:42 AM »
I think the forum attachments here are missing a HTTP header required for download on the Vita, which a shortcoming of the Vita's software. Unfortunately this forum regularly receives denial of service attacks, including from members of other Vita homebrew development groups. One of the mitigation methods is Cloudflare.

PS Vita / Re: [META] Unable to download on PS Vita
« on: May 12, 2021, 04:50:31 AM »
That's probably a tls issue since this forum uses cloudflare. Even if tls 1.0 is enabled in cloudflare, unsupported ciphers may be used by cloudflare. There is itls-enso which you can install on your vita to get around this.

General / Re: Vita Development Suite
« on: May 06, 2021, 07:15:18 PM »
Libraries 0.5.0

Summary of changes:

* Add and fix NIDs in ScePowerForDriver
* Add definitions in user/appmgr.h
* Add kernel/npdrm.h
* Update ScePaf NIDs and headers
* Add SceNpKdc functions
* Add prototype for sceNpDrmGetRifPspKey
* Add NIDs in SceNpDrmForDriver
* Add sceKernelGetTLSAddr in SceThreadmgrForDriver
* Import SceNpCommon NIDs from SDK 3.570
* Add sceNpGetEnvironment

For details see repository history.

PS4 and PS5 pkg links cannot be acquired at this moment.

Any chance for dump only rifs from custom list? I have 600+ ps3/ps vita stuff but 98% i have already dumped so there is no point to dump all stuff again, for example read cids to dump from file:

Even with that many items, it will not take too long. Rifs are downloaded from the most recently purchased item to least recent. So if you are only looking to dump new purchases, you can close the application after the ones you want have been downloaded.

Version 1.2.1

* Fixed a file permission error

If you had problems with RIF Ripper creating files, follow these steps:

1. Uninstall RIF Ripper
2. Install the latest version of RIF Ripper
3. Delete ux0:/rif-ripper

Then run RIF Ripper again.

Version 1.2.0

* Previously it was noted that the licenses for some PS3 content could not be downloaded. These are now correctly identified as DRM-free content, which do not require licenses. Therefore, RIF Ripper works with all PS3 content.
* There are a small number of PS3 content with PS Vita content title ID, whose licenses were decrypted incorrectly. This has been fixed. These items are noted in ux0:/rif-ripper/ps3-pcs.txt and if you find any in ux0:/rif-ripper/rif, they can be deleted.
* Reworded some console log messages.

Thanks to JohnSmith and RadicalR for providing information on these problems.

Version 1.1.0

* License decryption failures will skip instead of halt the backup process
* Record errors and skipped PS3 items to file when the backup process is finished
* Show a message in the console when the backup process is finished

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