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PSM may have failed for its original purpose, but it sure has helped a lot the homebrew community

So now that you hide behind a rule that is easly not enforcable since like i said it is not offtopic as i was merely teaching you how to prove that someone is gay which is the main topic,
you admit that you lack concrete evidence?
You admit that you have lost?

I don't see who you are to judge whenever this is ironic or this is not ironic. If i told you that what i wrote before was ironic you wouldn't take it into account.
So nope. Also how convenient to use rule 7 when this is just borderline but doesn't really fall off topic as i just show you how to prove that someone is gay which is the subject of this topic. Prove that someone is gay.

so nope again

So you bring back a 2 year ago evidence ? when im talking about present? that just shows that im not gay anymore since the rule was deleted

This is how you prove that someone is gay.
Straight evidence that leave no doubt possible and that is true today by the date of the pic that doesn't even have a week gap

EDIT : oh my how active you are and proud to say it

Wrong. When i said that it was because i had the gigga homo role. And that role still exist. But i don't have it anymore so that means im not homo anymore according to the rules

Second, "we will see who is gay" which imply that i intend to prove that the one with who im talking about is gay. And by him sucking my dick that would prove he is gay. That doesn't prove im homo. Quite the contrary, it proves how hard i defend myself about that stance

Timeline doesn't matter. What matters is the present. He didn't made the post to say that at the time i was homo, he made the post stating a "general truth" which doesn't rely on the time and should be true anytime anyday.
It is not today  referring to the previous comment) so it doesn't matter. I stand correct

The screenshot? it's based on december. And you can't prove that the channel was still alive during december. so nope. I'm not homo

I did say that indeed. But as you can see, the channel is deleted so is the rule. So im not folliowing a rule that doesn't exist anymore. Therefore, im not homo

I'll try to do that on mac os

PS Vita / Re: Vita Babe Of The Week
« on: April 25, 2020, 03:54:26 PM »
why is there only female pic in this post?

I beg to differ, i thought he said hot dog just like the emojie he sent so that's why i asked him to dm me.

Also hating popular girl =/ all girls

News / Re: Suspended by Twitter
« on: December 01, 2019, 09:23:07 AM »
oh i would say it's deserved, since all your accusation are false and without any basis

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