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Running the app it simply shuts down my Vita after a black screen.
And yes, I have installed CapUnlocker.skprx

EDIT: the shutdown is in the capunlocker.skprx. If I remove that, the Youtube app starts.
EDIT2: would be great if the app remembered the 720P option

Many thanks for ATRAC3 and 3+

Now waiting for internet radio and Atrac1


Congratulations. In layman's terms, how does this compare or relate to the recently released libshacccg.suprx ?


It was rumored that the converters from Aliexpress for PSV1000 from the port on the bottom to microUSB are only for charging, not for data transfer.

m4a(AAC codec) is already supported. m4a may also be used as container for ALAC codec, that is not supported yet.

Isn't that library encoder only? I don't think I will be adding support for legacy ATRAC versions since Vita has very efficient ATRAC9 hardware decoder and it is already supported. ATRAC9 is better than legacy ATRAC versions in every way.

I'll consider adding ape, wma and support for playlist/cue files.

Internet streaming is currently out of scope of this project, maybe in the far future.

I hope CBPS is going to work with China making a proper accessory port cable to USB-A. Just 15 cm should be enough in Y form to connect the needed power for thumbdrives. Don't know if external wired controllers need such power, most of them work under low milliamps.

Having external controller support (like USB-HID) is a highly requested addition by the gaming community as not all controllers have bluetooth.
DS3Vita and so on are via Bluetooth. Another option is to buy a PSTV with a very expensive Cronusmax with crappy firmware.

Great project. Would it be possible to add the following?

m4a audio support
atrac1 sp / atrac 3 / atrac3+ (
ape audio support
wma audio support
support m3u / pls for Internet Radio or native url like
support cue for mp3 cd's with all tracks in one file

Here it is lads

New version 2020-04-24

- Added options for PS1 aspect ratio modes
- Added fitted scaling mode
- Added config application

Would it be possible to integrate the resolution options into Henkaku menu on PSTV?

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