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Version 1.2.0

* Previously it was noted that the licenses for some PS3 content could not be downloaded. These are now correctly identified as DRM-free content, which do not require licenses. Therefore, RIF Ripper works with all PS3 content.
* There are a small number of PS3 content with PS Vita content title ID, whose licenses were decrypted incorrectly. This has been fixed. These items are noted in ux0:/rif-ripper/ps3-pcs.txt and if you find any in ux0:/rif-ripper/rif, they can be deleted.
* Reworded some console log messages.

Thanks to JohnSmith and RadicalR for providing information on these problems.

Version 1.1.0

* License decryption failures will skip instead of halt the backup process
* Record errors and skipped PS3 items to file when the backup process is finished
* Show a message in the console when the backup process is finished



RIF Ripper backs up your licenses for purchased digital content for PSP, PS3, and PS Vita.


First connect to network and sign into your PSN account. Open the application and the backup process will begin automatically. Saved licenses are stored at ux0:/rif-ripper. It is recommended that you do not delete this folder, so that if the backup process is interrupted, or if you have purchased additional items, previously downloaded licenses are not downloaded again the next time you run RIF Ripper. During the backup process the screen may dim or turn off, however the console will not be put into suspend mode.

RIFs for PlayStation Vita content are saved as NoNpDrm compatible fake RIFs, while licenses for PS3 and PSP content are saved as RAPs.

PS Vita / Re: [Release] PlayStation Mini Store
« on: April 15, 2021, 01:12:38 AM »
Version 0.2.0

* You can browse and purchase items by specifying product IDs in a file. (See OP for details)
* UI improvements

PS Vita / [Release] PlayStation Mini Store
« on: April 12, 2021, 04:37:11 AM »


This application is an alternative for the PlayStation Store application.


* Fast browsing with text-only UI
* 10 item cart even for free items
* Browse Vita and PS3 stores
* Browse arbitrary categories
* Browse arbitrary products

Category IDs

The top level category ID can be set or left blank to be populated automatically when opening the mini store.

Vita store: PN.VT.XX-PN.VT.GAME.XX-BASE where XX is your PSN account country code in uppercase
PS3 store: PN.P3.XX-PN.P3.GAME.XX-BASE where XX is your PSN account country code in uppercase

Please note that the PS3 store is a very old version and does not correspond to the PS3 store application.

Product IDs

It is possible to load product IDs from file to browse and purchase items for any PlayStation Network platform. Put product IDs one per line a file. If the file path is not specified, the default path is ux0:/product-list.txt.

There are a number of ways to find product IDs:

1. From the webstore. For example in, JP9000-CUSA11436_00-PLATFORMERVR00JP is the product ID.

2. From scraped htmls of the old webstore. Download ps-store-grid.7z and browse the files to find product IDs.

3. From Chihiro API.

Old webstore (JP)
Old webstore (HK)
Old webstore (US)
PS3 Store App (US)

General / Re: Vita Development Suite
« on: April 07, 2021, 05:20:36 PM »
Libraries 0.4.0

Summary of changes:

* Update names from prototype 0.940 display.skprx
* Change scePervasive names to match name style
* Add NIDs in ScePervasiveForDriver
* Add NIDs in SceAudioForDriver
* Remove dupe in display.h
* Merge common definitions in display.h
* Add NIDs in SceDisplayForDriver
* Add functions in SceSblSsUpdateMgr
* Fix name for sceSysrootGetHardwareFlags
* Update struct SceSysrootProcessHandler
* Add function prototypes in sysroot.h
* Update function args and doc in debug.h
* Add functions in SceDebugFor{Driver,Kernel}
* Add prototypes and docs in kernel/sblacmgr.h
* Update name, doc, prototype in sblaimgr.h
* Fix struct SceKernelModuleLibraryInfo
* Add C++ paf classes
* Changes to SceIniFileProcessor
* Add inline forwarder for sysmodule with arg
* Add NIDs to SceNpCommonPs4
* Fix ScePafStdc exit and abort NIDs
* Add NIDs in ScePervasiveForDriver
* Move sceKernelExitDeleteThread to SceThreadmgr
* Enclose macro definition in parentheses
* Add NIDs in ScePafStdc
* Add SceMode macros

For details see repository history.

PS Vita / [Release] Moonshine - block PSN presence and status posts
« on: April 03, 2021, 11:45:48 PM »

Source repository

Moonshine is a plugin that blocks PSN presence and status posts.


Copy moonshine.suprx to your Vita and add its path under *main in your taiHEN config.txt.


PSN presence and status post blocking can be configured to apply to no titles, homebrew titles, or all titles. Place the configuration file at ur0:/data/moonshine.ini. Please see the included sample configuration file for valid keys and values.

The default is to block homebrew titles.

Thank you OP for all the amazing work! I did have a question however, as it is listed here ( that there is a third version of the patch (960x544 MSAA 4x), however I cannot find it anywhere. Could you add this third version, if it is complete, to the downloads in your first post, please? Either way, thank you for your time and have a nice day  :)

The 960x544 MSAA 4x version does not have a binary because MSAA does not work in most in-game locations.

The other file you mentioned ur0:sharpscale.log is missing and i donĀ“t know why.

The reason is sharpscale was not loaded. Maybe because the file path is wrong or another config.txt has higher precedence than the one you edited.

General / Re: Vita Development Suite
« on: March 15, 2021, 02:56:08 AM »
Libraries 0.3.0

Summary of changes:

* Add clockgen functions
* Fix Swapped NIDs for GetParameterDirection and GetParameterVariability
* Remove non-existent NIDs in SceLibMonoBridge
* Fix name sceNgsRackGetVoiceHandleInternal
* Remove duplicate exports
* Add sceSblGcAuthMgr syscall forwarder in libkernel
* Fix name sceKernelGetThreadCpuAffinityMask
* Fix names for sceKernelGetThreadTLSAddr
* Fix SceDrmBridge names
* Fix type for user sceSblACMgrIsGameProgram
* Add sceKernelDeleteThread in SceLibKernel
* Remove SceLibKernel re-exported syscalls
* Add NIDs in SceKernelForVM
* Remove internally forwarded funcs in SceLibKernel
* Add NIDs in SceCodecEngineUser
* Remove forwarded syscalls
* Remove old SDK functions
* Fix name and type sceKernelExtendKernelStackWide
* Add NIDs in SceLibGcc
* Add and change names in SceSblACMgr from dbg log
* Rename sceSblACMgrIsPSMDevAssistant
* Add and change names in SceSblACMgr from wiki
* Add sceKernelWaitExceptionCBForMono
* Add prototypes in clockgen.h
* Move threadmgr functions to common header
* Add sceKernelGetSystemTime functions
* Add NIDs in SceBeisobmf
* Add NIDs in SceBemp2sys
* Add NIDs from retail 3.60 shell.self debug log
* Add NIDs from retail 3.60 libmtp.suprx debug log
* Conform syscall names to syslibtrace
* Add NIDs in SceHpremote
* Fix function name and args in user/appmgr.h
* Remove unused definitions in common/appmgr.h
* Refactor structs in common/appmgr.h
* Remove duplicate definitions in kernel/power.h
* Merge common definitions in power.h
* Split debug and sysroot funcs from kernel/sysmem.h
* Remove sceSysrootIsManufacturingMode macro
* Add and fix names in SceSysrootForKernel
* Add sce_process_preload_disabled flags
* Add ScePafThread functions
* Update ScePafStdc names

For details see repository history.

Hmm I can't get this to work, is there any logfile or similar where I could check what could be wrong?

I can provide a build with logs but you'll need princesslog or psmlog to see the logs. The most likely reason that it doesn't work is the PNG file is in the wrong format.

Reverse Engineering / NIDs database
« on: March 08, 2021, 11:47:38 PM »

NIDs are organised into three categories.


Contains NIDs with names extracted from stub libraries from different PlayStation Vita SDK versions.


Contains NIDs with names extracted from syslibtrace.skprx from different system software versions.

System software

Contains every export and import of every module from different system software versions. Names are filled in from a composite of other sources. These help to easily identify the following:

1. The system software versions that contain a particular function.
2. Usage examples of a particular function.
3. Functions which are exported more than once, or import stubs that are exported.

General / Re: Vita Development Suite
« on: March 06, 2021, 06:41:19 AM »
Libraries 0.2.0

Summary of changes:

* Add prototype for sceKernelSysrootGetShellPid
* Move gpu_es4.h -> gpu_es4/error.h
* Add PowerVR services header
* Add sceGxmGetDeviceData
* Add SceGxmInternal NIDs
* Changes to user/incoming_dialog.h
* Add kernel net function NIDs
* Add SceAVConfigForDriver NIDs
* Import SceNpWebApi NIDs from SDK 3.570.011
* Add SceNpWebApi internal functions
* Add comments in common/kernel/cpu.h
* Rename sceKernelCpuGetCpuId -> sceKernelCpuId
* Remove Core suffix from GetProcessTime functions
* Add and rename old SDK functions

For details see repository history.

ghidra-loader-db.yml is now available, containing NIDs in a single file for use with GhidraVitaLoader.

CFn you please force the wifi toggle to appear on VitaTV?

I received the same request when I first made quick power and quick volume, and while it is possible, there are graphical glitches so it does not look good, and you are liable to accidentally turn off bluetooth or turn on airplane mode because those show up as well. Maybe I can try this again in the future.

I wonder, is there a way to output native 240p/480i for PSP and PS1 software over hdmi?
Hi! Thanks for this great plugin! Im using it on my PSTV and I'm honestly blown away! I'm not yet sure if I should enable or disable the bilinear filtering, but maybe I have to choose on a per-game base.

I have a question though:
I've read through the whole thread to learn about sharpscale. Somewhere near the beginning you said, that 1080/30p should be possible. Do you still think that it can be implemented? That would make sharpscale even better, imho.

Anyways, thanks again!

Regarding these, I've been able to do 1080p30 and other custom resolutions some time ago, although I haven't had the time to release these, but I am still planning to release these in the future.

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