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ElevenMPV-A v7.00 Update Full Changelog:

New features:

1. Added support for YouTube audio stream quality selection.


1. Added Japanese locale


1. Fixed various UI-related crashes
2. Improved performance of YouTube parser

Kits / Re: PSP2 Coredump Parser - Simple tool to parse .psp2dmp files
« on: January 09, 2022, 01:19:07 AM »
Application has been updated: fixed reported values for touch and render process IDs, added TTY cache info.

Kits / Re: PSP2 Coredump Parser - Simple tool to parse .psp2dmp files
« on: January 05, 2022, 07:22:24 PM »
Application has been updated: fixed parsing of thread stop reason, fiber and UL thread states.

Kits / PSP2 Coredump Parser - Simple tool to parse .psp2dmp files
« on: January 05, 2022, 01:26:59 AM »
Coredump Parser is a simple tool to parse .psp2dmp files based on PSP2TMAPILib.

It allows to parse coredumps made on Retail, TestKit or TOOL PS Vita consoles.
Note that SCE Target Manager Server for PSP2 must be installed and running on your PC in order to use this tool (yes, even to work with retail system/coredumps).

Currently this tool parses various information for following objects:

- Version
- Device
- TTY cache
- Process
- Application
- Budget
- Module
- Library
- File
- Memory Block
- Thread
- Callback
- Condition Variable
- Lightweight Condition Variable
- Event
- Mutex
- Lightweight Mutex
- Message Pipe
- RW Lock
- Semaphore
- Thread Event Handler
- Fiber
- User-level thread

ElevenMPV-A v6.00 Update Full Changelog:

New features:

1. Added support for YouTube audio streaming.
2. Added ability to downloading audio directly from YouTube for local playback.
3. Added ability to switch between browser window and player window with player reamining active.

Supported formats:

1. Added support for the following codecs:
   - WebM (.webm, only as OPUS container)


1. Minor UI and design changes.

libAppSettings is simple library that implements app settings dialog with official UI functions.
Comes with SCE SDK and vitasdk stubs.

Download and usage sample:

Reverse Engineering / Re: Bruteforcing NIDs on the PS Vita
« on: November 11, 2021, 11:17:01 AM »
Sometimes library/module name is used as suffix. It may not be the same as the actual library/module name. Examples:

SceSasUser uses SceSasUser suffix.
sceSasCore -> sceSasCoreSceSasUser -> NID match (0x7A4672B2)

ScePaf uses PAF suffix.
sce_paf_realloc -> sce_paf_reallocPAF -> NID match (0x0ADEA3AD)

Example from SCE downloadable apps, paflib.suprx module from LiveTweet/Flickr etc.
Uses ScePafLib suffix.

Plugin for PS Vita that unlocks hidden copy/paste feature in system software.
To activate copypaste popup press and hold your finger on the text until it zooms in. After that release your finger from the screen and copypaste popup will open.

This feature was present in very early Vita firmwares but starting somewhere around 1.06 it was disabled for unknown reasons.

Install under *main


Reverse Engineering / VVNZRunner - run custom MeP code on Venezia
« on: September 01, 2021, 12:08:52 AM »
VVNZRunner is kernel plugin for PS Vita that provides API to run Toshiba MeP code on Venezia. Original idea from PS Vita Henkaku wiki Venezia article.
VVNZRunner provides safe way to run MeP code on Venezia processor and functions to transfer data from and to Venezia SPRAM.

Github link:

V-Thread support

V-Threads are threads that run on Venezia cores. Up to 6 cores can run tasks simultaneously in normal mode and up to 7 in extended mode (enabled with sceCodecEngineChangeNumWorkerCoresMax()). All tasks that fall outside of limit will be automatically scheduled for execution. Note that even when running V-Thread, vnzBridgeExec() is blocking on ARM side. Refer to sample_mep for V-Thread creation procedure.


Example of userland application is in sample folder.
Example of MeP code used in the sample application is in sample_mep folder. To compile MeP code use mepsdk.
Check CMakeLists for flags used to compile MeP code for Venezia.

Usage notes

- Safe spram offset is 0x1404 bytes. Everything below belongs to Venezia context and will be reset upon execution.
- For now code memory size is limited to 0x1000 bytes.

I was thinking about keeping playback when in file browser too, but it will require substantial internal changes. But it is certainly possible.

As for the progressbar, there seems to be a bug in system software that causes this and as of now I haven't been able to find a workaround.

mp4 files seem to crash the app (a couple to test : with error code C2-12828-1

Those files seem to be corrupted in some way. They do not open in official Music application either, and ElevenMPV-A uses same m4a (aac) decoder as official app.

ElevenMPV-A v5.05 Update Full Changelog:

1. Changed memory allocation algorithm. It should now be possible to load album art with resolutions up to 2000x2000.
2. App assets redisgn. Added default background image for file browser.
3. Fixed an issue where app could've crashed when loading album art from metadata.
4. Added following translations: Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese.

When I say it is "not possible" I mean that it is not possible in the scope of ElevenMPV-A, since it will require either kernel access (through separate plugin) or access to game audio ports (separate plugin again). So as you can see both of this methods require implementing them through separate plugin, and I currently have no plans for doing that.

ElevenMPV-A v5.03 Update Full Changelog:

1. Fixed Turkish language support.
2. Fixed an issue where album cover would be unloaded when using player in "repeat one" mode.

No, automatically muting or turning down the volume of game music is not possible.

As for the language issue, it should use english language for all languages that are currently not supported. Please make sure you use latest version (5.01). If the issue still occurs, please let me know.

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