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PS Vita / Re: [CUSTOM DLC] Superbeat XONiC Extended
« on: August 19, 2020, 07:47:16 PM »
Oh you mean reusing the background videos ?
Aren't they just specify clips from the songs instead of SFX like Xonic ?

PS Vita / Re: [CUSTOM DLC] Superbeat XONiC Extended
« on: August 18, 2020, 03:35:13 PM »
Can you add all songs from DJ max technika tune as custom DLCs?

I want to add at least the vids only without the notes.

Not sure what you want to do with only the videos. But I will never add music from Technika Tune, I played it some hours and it was a disappointement, all the game is really bad imo.

PS Vita / Re: upload test
« on: August 03, 2020, 09:51:06 PM »
test 4  8)

Spoiler for Hiden:
Thanks for using the forums

dev / Re: i can't write a hello world help :megucry:
« on: June 13, 2020, 03:38:19 AM »
i can't write a hello world help :megucry:

PS Vita / [French Translation] The House in Fata Morgana FR Edition
« on: June 10, 2020, 11:22:43 PM »
This mod is a port of the PC translation of The House in Fata Morgana in French. The following explanations are written in French:

Ce mod est un portage de la traduction française PC de The House of Fata Morgana pour la PlayStation Vita

Il est nécessaire de posséder une Vita hackée en version 3.60/3.65 ou 3.68 ainsi que le plugin repatch afin de pouvoir utiliser ce mod (rePatch n'est pas compatible 3.69/70/71/72/73 Trinity, veuillez downgrade votre Vita en 3.60/3.65 en utilisant Modoru).
rePatch peut être téléchargé ici, avec les instructions d'installation:
Vous aurez aussi besoin du plugin reF00D pour lancer le jeu suivant votre version de firmware:
Vous devez posséder le jeu de base (Cartouche ou démat).
Assurez-vous d'avoir votre version spoofée du firmware en 3.69 ou plus dans "Paramètres" > "Paramètres de Henkaku" > "Version spoofée".

Télécharger ici The House in Fata Morgana FR Edition
Placez le dossier repatch à la racine de votre carte mémoire.
Dans le dossier repatch se trouve un dossier appelé RENAME_WITH_YOUR_TITLEID. Renommez-le par le TitleId de votre jeu.
Le TitleId varie suivant la région de votre jeu, donc utilisez celui que vous possédez:

  • Amérique (démat ou cartouche Limited Run Games) : PCSE01305
  • Japon : PCSG00961 INCOMPATIBLE, moteur de jeu totalement différent
  • Europe : Non sorti. (LimitedRunGames cherchait un éditeur mais cela semble être définitivement mort)

Développé par Nkekev. Suivez mon compte twitter pour suivre mes projets Vita:

Le texte inclus dans certains éléments comme les images ou les vidéos ne sont pas traduits.
Les caractères en majuscule ne peuvent pas être accentués comme pour la version PC car cela crée des bugs d'affichage.
Quelques rares éléments de l'interface utilisateur ne sont pas traduits: Ce n'est pas un oubli, certains éléments sont écrits en dur dans le code du jeu et ne sont pas modifiables aussi facilement.
La traduction venant du jeu PC ne concerne que le jeu de base. Ainsi Requiem for Innocence, Réincarnation et Courtes Nouvelles ne sont actuellement pas traduits. Ce mod sera mis-à-jour dès lors qu'une traduction sera disponible.
Le texte dans le menu de la sélection des chapitres n'est pas traduit pour la même raison que les deux précédents points.

Merci à @dots_tb pour le développement du plugin rePatch.
Merci à Samia et Robin Margogne pour leur traduction exceptionnelle.


PS Vita / Re: [CUSTOM DLC] Superbeat XONiC Extended
« on: June 10, 2020, 09:26:09 PM »
There was also 3 days ago ANiMA and Camelia music files missing fixed but if you downloaded the release before, you will need to get these files if you don't want to redownload all again.

And put them into readdcont/TITLEID/SUPERBEATEXDLC16

Sorry for inconvenience, it's the magic of testing, you ensure all works when it was working and manage to make it not work anymore... Kinda cursed.
I hope you have a good game.

PS Vita / Re: [CUSTOM DLC] Superbeat XONiC Extended
« on: June 10, 2020, 02:50:45 PM »
Fixed a little bug  where Go Back and Indigo Wind were not playable. You can just download this single file readdcont/TITLEID/SUPERBEATEXDLC11/DiscStock.csv

and put it into readdcont/TITLEID/SUPERBEATEXDLC11 folder

PS Vita / [CUSTOM DLC] Superbeat XONiC Extended
« on: June 06, 2020, 07:51:18 PM »
Superbeat XONiC Extended is a custom DLC mod which adds new songs for the game Superbeat XONiC

You will need an hacked 3.60/3.65/3.68 Vita with (Enso) Henkaku and the rePatch plugin in order to use this mod (rePatch ISN'T compatible with 3.69/70/71/72/73 Trinity, please downgrade your Vita with Modoru).     
rePatch download and instructions installation can be found here: 
Either Cart or digital game can be used. You will need to have the official patch of the game to make the DLC engine working. 
This mod can be installed alongside all the previous official DLCs.
Like all the DLCs from this game, this won't have any effect on your online leaderboard score. 
If you have the plugin ioPlus installed, make it sure you have the 0.1 version installed.

This is the 4th version of the project, it features 10 new custom exclusive songs and all the 20 PS4 official DLC songs not released on PSVita.


- Marigold (new)
- Magnolia (new)
- Myosotis (new)
- Pulses (new)
- VIP KID (new)
- Take the World Tonight (new)
- Brain Power (new)
- ANiMA (new)
- Camelia ~ Extended (new)
- Red Swan (new)
- Expressive Air 06 (PS4)
- Vertical Horizon (PS4)
- Afternoon Of Summer (PS4)
- Americana Exotica (PS4)
- BlueScreen (PS4)
- Debonair Heavy Industry (PS4)
- Donut Island (PS4)
- Go Back (PS4)
- Indigo Wind (PS4)
- iNSANiTY (PS4)
- Missing Parts (PS4)
- Neko-kun (PS4)
- Oh-Wei-Oh (PS4)
- PLUS (PS4)
- Select.Start (PS4)
- Skyline (PS4)
- STUTTA 2.0 (PS4)
- Talk 2 U (PS4)
- Zombie Chase (PS4)
- ZZuck ZZuck GRoove (PS4) 

 * The title screen and some backgrounds have better quality coming from the PS4 version.
 * The final project will feature 21 new custom songs + the 20 exclusive PS4 dlcs. 
 * The glitchy notes on the official versions of Afternoon of Summer 6Trax FX and Donut Island 6Trax FX have been fixed. 
 * Loading times have been improved since the version 0.7 so we recommend you to replace all the files when updating your version of the mod.


Get here Superbeat XONiC Extended:

Place the folders `readdcont` and `repatch` on the root of your memory card. 
Into `readdcont` and `repatch` folders, RENAME the folder called `RENAME_WITH_YOUR_TITLEID` by the titleid of your game. 
The titleid vary depending which region of the game you have so check it and modify in consequence:
- EU: `PCSB00891`
- US: `PCSE00717`
- JP: `PCSG00645`
- KR: `PCSH00167`
- CH: `PCSH00264`

Rename the `pic0.png` into your `ur0:appmeta/<TITLEID>/pic0.png` (Beware it's ur0 not ux0) folder by `pic0.pngbackup` to do a backup incase. 
Put the `pic0.png` from XONiC Extended on `ur0:appmeta/<TITLEID>/` (Beware it's ur0 not ux0) 
IF YOU HAVE OFFICIAL DLC (if you have no official DLC, just skip this part):
* If you have original DLC from Playstation Store, repatchAIDS is no longer needed to make mixed DLC working. Make sure to use the new release of repatch plugin (3.0)
* If you have original DLC extracted with Maidumptool, you can just copy the folders named `SUPERBEAT00DLCXX` (XX number from 01 to 06 depending what you have) on the `ux0:readdcont/<TITLEID>` folder 
* We recommend you to use an overclocking plugin (like on PSTV or for Vita 1000 and 2000) if possible for optimal experience since we encountered minor desyncs between background video and the song on very few tracks. It's recommended but not necessary if it doesn't bother you. 

Developped by Nkekev. Follow my Twitter to get notified about the project:
v0.7 TRAILER :



Special thanks to @dots_tb I worked with for months to make decrypted DLC working, this project would have never been a thing without his vitadev skills. 
Thanks to @Playiku for graphical stuff. 
Thanks to the Kancolle Kai discord server for psychological support. 

Marigold, Magnolia, Myosotis and Pulses artwork from the videogame Deemo 
VIP KID artwork by funky-tofu
ANiMA artwork by Yeoniest
Brain Power artwork from the videogame Cytus, background video by EXILE- 
Camelia artwork from the official illustrated cards of Millennium Mother Limited Edition Album 

IMPORTANT: If you like the songs provided in this custom DLC, please consider buying the songs online to support the original artists, they need support and be paid for their (commercial) work. For the final release please buy the PS4 or Switch DLCs to support PMStudios USA, they are indies and really need your support. Thank you.

PS Vita / Re: PS Vita Mods Table
« on: June 05, 2020, 06:27:03 PM »
Just want to say my Superbeat Xonic mod is compatible with every region without doing anything special, and not only US like mentionned.

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