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PS Vita / [Release] BGFTP - Background FTP server
« on: February 22, 2020, 02:38:38 AM »
Background FTP server for PS Vita.

Works simultaneously with any game, including enlarged memory mode games, and in sleep mode. BGFTP can send various information to user via notifications.

More information and download:

Reverse Engineering / vshPowerSetPowerSwMode
« on: February 21, 2020, 06:37:22 PM »
int vshPowerSetPowerSwMode(int mode)

returns 0 if successful.

mode values:
0 - press does nothing, long press opens shutdown menu like usual;
1 - press does nothing, long press immediately shuts down;
2 - press immediately suspends, long press opens shutdown menu like usual;
3 - press immediately suspends, long press immediately shuts down;
4 - same as normal?
5 - same as normal?
6 - same as normal?
7 - press suspends as normal, long press immediately shuts down;

PS Vita / [Release] libvita2d_sys - libvita2d for system mode applications
« on: February 16, 2020, 10:59:11 PM »
libvita2d_sys is modification of libvita2d designed to be used in applications running in system mode. That means that you can use such applications without closing games.

Reverse Engineering / SharedFb and sceGxmInternalForVsh sample
« on: February 09, 2020, 09:58:39 PM »
This sample demonstrates how to use shared framebuffer and initialize GXM in PS Vita applications running in system mode:

If you have been using NoSharedFb plugin, unistall it before using this application.

It draws squares moving from top to bottom of the screen. Color of the squares will be green if GXM was initialized successfully and red if initialization failed.

Reverse Engineering / Main - background application pair
« on: February 01, 2020, 12:14:42 AM »
This background application sample works in the same way as Skype application:

SceBgAppUtil is used to manage BG application state from main application and SceNotificationUtil is used in BG application to send custom notifications.

Notifications from BG application can be enabled/disabled in Settings->Notifications. BG application can be restared from main application once it finished working (after the 20sec notification).

Plugin for PS Vita that makes impose menu (the one that appears after long PS button press) transparent.

This plugin doesn't work in system applications (exceptions are Videos app and Package Installer).

Install under *main

How to set custom transparency value

Using Vitashell, create config file: ur0:data/trimpose.txt. Edit this file and enter your transparency value. Valid values are in 0-255 range:

255 - 0% transparent . . . 0 - 100% transparent

Values below 30 are not recommended.

Reboot is required to apply changes.


PS Vita / [Release] PoC: BadappleVitaSystem
« on: January 21, 2020, 01:12:06 AM »
aka version of BadappleVita that can be started simultaneously with the game application in the background.

Use NoSharedFb plugin to bypass framebuffer problems when resuming from LiveArea.

PS Vita / [Release] QAscreenshot - unlocks QA screenshot functions
« on: January 17, 2020, 07:25:56 PM »
High quality screenshot plugin for PS Vita. Unlocks native QA screenshot SceShell implementation.

.bmp, always allowed, no watermarks

Install under *main


Warning! This will only work with reF00D for now.

This application allows you to change CPU affinity mask of some PS Vita system applications to all user cores, which increases their performance.

Sets cpu affinity mask for the following applications: Friends, Trophies, Music, Messages, Settings, ★Checker(uncomment in src if needed), Parental Controls.

Download here:

Some observations:
Boot time 1.90 sec -> 1.58 sec. Loads all in-app stuff much faster.
Boot time: 1.71 sec -> 1.42 sec. Loads trophies when fast scrolling page almost instantly.
Boot time 2.45 sec -> 2.06 sec. Loads album covers much faster.
Boot time 1.93 sec -> 1.83 sec.
Boot time: 2.08 sec -> 1.83 sec. Better overall in-app performance.
★Checker (uncomment in src if needed):
Checks are performed much faster, especially if there is lot of addcont.
Parental Controls:
Boot time: 1.75 sec -> 1.53 sec.

Reverse Engineering / AVContent.db values for ATRAC9 files
« on: January 16, 2020, 07:04:23 PM »
Files with this values will be accepted by Music app as ATRAC9:
codec_type: 29
container_type: 13
Files must be wholelooped.

Since ATRAC9 files have WAVE header we can use SceRiffPromoter (by simply changing the extension from .at9 to .wav). Only sampling_rate and size fields will be filled, but this is enough to start  playback. Everything else will be filled automatically after first file playback.

This pack consits of applications to control system audio volume on PS vita in real time without closing games. Can be usefull if vol+- buttons are broken:

1. Modal Volume Control application
2. Volume Control application
3. Modal Volume Control plugin (only needed for Modal Volume Control)

All of this applications can be used simultaneously with any games, including the ones that require enlarged memory (with LowMemMode plugin). Runs on system-reserved CPU core.

Downloads and usage instructions here:

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