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I've made a mistake and now my prrsona 4 golden hd plugin doesn't work properly. I installed vitagraphix for another game and was hoping I could mess with the code to take out anything relating to P4G, however even though saying the patch was successful I notice a lot of jagged edges, not sharp or smooth which the HD plugin would do. I uninstall vitagraphix and also deleted all folders and everything regarding it on my vita. But the same still happened in P4G. I even deleted and then re installed the HD plugin and sharpscale. I have no clue how to remedy this

Got the patch working!!

I installed the 1080 patch, is it possible to also apply the 720 one too? I would love to compare the two on the fly.

Hi, yes I feel I have. I've been looking into this all the past week. Spend around 7 hours or so in total trying to install everything and get it running properly. When I search for certain things online I don't find a guide that makes sense to me. I have ASD so I benefit from visualising what I need to do and learning from watching others. Hence my initial request.

Thank you.

Hi, I'm incredibly new to modding my Vita in any way. Basically just managed to install Henkaku, autoplugin and now Sharpscale.

Only reason I wanted to finally delve into the modding scene for this system is so that I can have the best possible time playing my digital copy of P4G on my PSTV.

I am at a total loss on how to edit code, I'm worried about not installing the right things and could really appreciate any full length guide.

Thank you!

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