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PS Vita / Re: [Release] Sharpscale - native 960x544 HDMI output for PSTV
« on: September 05, 2020, 05:57:53 AM »
I did mention the CruelTott patch in my initial post; is the fix you're talking about separate from that one?

yes this is the one

PS Vita / Re: [Release] Sharpscale - native 960x544 HDMI output for PSTV
« on: September 03, 2020, 08:17:20 AM »
This has been working great for me, though I'm still noticing the odd stutter for PS1 games. The game will, in regular intervals (think once every thirty seconds or so,) skip a single frame. Sometimes this happens twice in quick succession. It's most easily noticeable when you scroll the screen back and forth in a 2D game - I haven't actually timed it but again, it seems to manifest with very regular frequency.

My suspicion is that this issue has something to do with how the PS1's original refresh rate is converted to 60hz - it's very reminiscent of how games run at 60hz on the Game Boy Player, for instance. Does anyone have ideas? All the games I've tested were within Adrenaline and it affected all of them (I'm from Germany but have a bunch of PS1 Classics downloaded from the American store and play them via Adrenaline because switching accounts is pain, so I haven't tested if the games perform any different without Adrenaline.)

i'm not 100% sure as it's been months but i think someone posted a fix for this issue on this forum,could even be in this very thread !

yes you are right track will play in game but for me i had to move the slider to get working again,clicking on play doesn't do anything !! anyway this error has nothing to do with your app. many thanks for offering support for your great work

first of all thanks for caring to reply :)

not sure which game but i think i have found the issue,if audio playback finish i can't press play again i have to close the audio app & the game then start again for it to work in game. i think this was the issue because it just happened now with the great luftrausers game.

@cuevavirus any idea why i get ((The Audio Has Been Paused)) error when starting some Vita games ? fw 3.60

Can you define what "looks bad" means?

worse than original ps1 graphics

Only Sony can answer that question.  ::)

ok can you please tell me how did you manage to get Crash Team Racing looking sharp on widescreen setting on PstV @720p ? on my PsTV it doesn't look anywhere near as good !! actually it looks bad

is the scaling options for PS1 games also available on PS TV ? or just Vita Handheld ?

the reason why i'm asking this is because when i click on other settings in Vita i can change PS1 games to Full screen but on PS TV this option is missing,the only option available is changing disc speed !! any idea why ?

what i don't understand is why this tool works for Vita console in all modes,Vita,PSP,PS1 but only works in Vita mode on PS TV !!! why are the Adrenaline official settings missing from Ps TV but are present on PS Vita console !! something isn't right & i can't figure out what it is !! any help is really appreciated.

i'm having issue with Ps Vita TV which is set to 720p while i can notice improvement in Vita games the image quality is really poor & very pixelated in adrenaline,any help would be greatly appreciated as i really want this to work just as well as it does on my Ps Vita console. also i noticed on the PS TV the official settings are missing all the options apart from ( Disc Speed ) but on Vita Console all of the original options are present !!

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