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Look cuevavirus. Your plugin is famous!

Thank you @cuevavirus
I wonder if its possible to add an scanline (or crt) filter to the sharpscale options since this plugin only work when you use "Original" settings on Adrenaline options.
I think scanlines will really helps games to look better when bilinear filter is activated using Fitted + 4:3 combo.

Thank you! @cuevavirus!

It's working great!! Tried on Crash Team Racing (widescreen patched), Vagrant Story (widescreen patched), Legend of Dragoon (original image is actually larger than 4:3), Fear Effect (widescreen patched).

How do you apply widescreen patches?

Installed dolcesdk, tried to compile it and failed, I'll just wait  :P

plugin compiled, but the config app failed... I believe it's most likely due to libvita2d_sys
Did cuevavirus posted the latest version? I don't see it on the main post.

Very detailed explanation. And I get it. I can't stand play classic games with a distorted or blurry pixel ratio. And there's a lot of great 2D games on the PSX.

I added options for those and a config app that let's you change it without having to restart or even close adrenaline. If other common ratios are used for widescreen patches I can add those too.

That's look dope! Can't wait to try it. Great work!

The purpose of this plugin, is to output the image with correct scaling, without stretching the image,which can cause pixels to look blurry.

If you want the image to fit the PSVita screen, then you should use the VITA's official scaling options.

But you can't get that result with Adrenalin/PSP scaling options.

Also my question is why on my phone that is a 5" Full HD display, when i run Symphony of the Night in the correct scale at full screen it look pixel perfect and when i force it with Custom scalin on Adrenaline pixels look distorted?

It would be possible to force PSX games to cover the top and bottom of the screen by keeping their 4:3 aspect ratio?


Now they look like this:

Hi! I'm testing this amazing plugin on my Vita Slim, and when i tried Crash Bandicoot games (the trilogy) they look so tiny and with a forced 16:9 widscreen format compared with other games.
I've tested +30 other games and the only ones that look like that are the Crash Bandicoot games. Maybe there's more game that look like this. Any reason why? I've tested it with all modes 0 0, 1 0 and 2 0.

Crash 1

Dino Crisis

Interesting! I will try what it can do on my Vita Slim.


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