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PS Vita / Re: [RELEASE] Magic Automatic Fake User Input
« on: October 08, 2021, 01:30:00 AM »
Oh right, the use of NoLockScreen is highly recommended, since otherwise you'd get the lockscreen each time you take or load a snapshot.

PS Vita / Re: [RELEASE] Magic Automatic Fake User Input
« on: October 07, 2021, 11:56:56 PM »
Version 2.0 Alpha-1
What's been added?
MAFU-I now provides an integration with déjàvu
If dejavu.skprx is present, two more shortcuts will be available
Press R + TRIANGLE + LEFT to save a snapshot
Press R + TRIANGLE + RIGHT to load a snapshot

Using these two shortcuts, playback and capture will resume from the correct after loading a snapshot.
This makes a very crude speedrunning tool.

Touch support has been added!
That's right, I've finally got it working. Now you can record yourself touching your vita  ::)

And the code has been cleaned up significantly. This will make adding support for sensor data and other stuff easier.

I'm not a speedrunner and I've never used a speedrunning tool before.
Altough this is not meant to be an accurate speedrunning tool, it can still be a great aid.
And that's where I need you. Have you got a suggestion? Have you find a bug?
Contact me anywhere you want (this forum,twitter, github,reddit) and tell me.


Reverse Engineering / Re: Touch in kernel plugins
« on: February 21, 2021, 06:02:28 PM »
DAT_810075c4 is in segment1 + 0x05C4 in SceTouch for FW 3.60

Reverse Engineering / Touch in kernel plugins
« on: February 21, 2021, 05:58:42 PM »
I've been struggling for months to get touch working in kernel plugins and finally I figured out how to do it.

Functions like ksceTouchPeek or ksceTouchRead simply refuse to work after Shell spawns; they won't return any error NOR they will write data to the output buffer(s).
So, to get touch information you have to hook either function, and manually copy the data. But not every app uses touch, which means that you can get information out of the touch panel only if the currently running application needs it too.

After a bit of digging I found out that function SceTouchForDriver_3F3FBF69 sets a value in memory, DAT_810075c4, to 1 every time it gets called. This same value is used by ksceTouchPeek*/ksceTouchRead* functions to calculate the last parameter for FUN_81003b84, which should be the function that actually gets the data from the touch panel.
It is currently unknown what SceTouchForDriver_3F3FBF69 does (looks like it just copies some data around, perhaps information about the currently active process) or what DAT_810075c4 represents and why it affects said functions.
But with this knowledge we can get touch to work; all we have to do is set DAT_810075c4 to 0 before calling peek or read. I would recommend to set it back to its previous value after getting the buffer data, but leaving it to 0 doesn't seem to have any side effects.
It is also possible to hook SceTouchForDriver_3F3FBF69 and disable it, but this might cause some issues.

WARNING: since it is still unclear what SceTouchForDriver_3F3FBF69 does, modifying DAT_810075c4 MIGHT CAUSE SOME TROUBLES (e.g. user application might stop responding to touch input). That said, I did some tests and everything seems to be working just fine.

PS Vita / [RELEASE] Magic Automatic Fake User Input
« on: June 07, 2020, 04:02:56 PM »
What's this? (OwO)
MAFU-I is a plugin that lets you record the input you provide to your PSVita and play it back whenever you need to.
The capture will be saved in ur0:/data/MAFU-I/capture.dat
It supports digital and analog input.
Touch is in the works.

As seen on SO-CBPS!

Regular edition


Non-stop edition


Press R + CIRCLE + LEFT to capture, press it again to save
Press R + CIRCLE + RIGHT to playback, press it again to stop (early)

Copy MAFUinput.skprx to your PSVita
Add MAFUinput.skprx to taiHEN's config (ur0:/tai/config.txt or ux0:/tai/config.txt):
Code: [Select]
Reboot your PSVita

Princess of Sleeping for helping me to fix a crash
marburg for touch stuff

The CBPS discord server
and all the other fine folks I forgot to mention)

PS Vita / [RELEASE] Super Stoner 420
« on: June 07, 2020, 03:33:52 PM »
A port (and a better version) of LostSideDead's Super Stoner 420

You can find a trailer here:


dots-tb for asking me to port something

The cbps discord server
Princess of Sleeping,
and all the other fine folks I forgot to mention)
for playing good music and hanging out while I was coding

PS Vita / [RELEASE] Bomberman port
« on: June 07, 2020, 03:10:02 PM »
I ported a this game just for fun. It's a terrible game (probably an unfinished project), don't play it.
It's a bomberman clone, that's it.


dots for asking me to port something
The cbps discord server for playing good music while I was coding

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